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Don’t try to over hall your life in 1 day (or even 1 week!)

Happy New Year!

I really hope you had a lovely weekend celebrating the new year in and with a new year people set the most amazing (but also unrealistic!) resolutions which can then lead them to falling off the wagon before the first week of January has even been and gone!

Social media was crazy yesterday with everyone posting up what they were going to give up, start doing and change about their lives and as much as I love seeing all this positivity, I know, deep down that if you try to over hall your life in 1 day with so many changes – you are setting yourself up to fail!

I saw lots of ‘From tomorrow I am going to go to the gym every day, give up alcohol, give up coffee, eat only 1 meal a day plus 2 shakes’ and that was just from 1 person!
Now this is a hell of a lot to change in 1 day and I can almost guarantee that this person will be struggling massively by the weekend – not just from the detox headaches they will be getting from no booze or coffee but if I had gone from NO EXERCISES to training every day – I wouldn’t be able to move by day 3 as my muscles would be so sore and I’m not even going to get into the ‘1 meal and 2 shakes a day’ comment!!!!!!

So today I wanted to give you some advice from someone who has made these resolutions myself over the years but also someone who has been in this game for 20 years and seen all the faddy diets come and go (I have tried every pill, shake, fad, exercise regime there has been) and I know what works and what doesn’t.

If you have spent the last 2 weeks eating and drinking until you fell asleep in a calorie coma then you need to focus on making the little changes first

so here’s my advice –

Don’t try and do it all today!
We need to work on your mind set FIRST!
Don’t give things up – instead focus on doing something positive!
Make one positive change a day or even a week – these little things will become big things!
Celebrate your 3 wins a day
What do I mean by 3 win’s a day?

This is where you recognise 3 positive things you achieved a day and focus on them rather than on what you didn’t do –

So here is mine for yesterday –
I didn’t go to the gym and train yesterday which is what I had planned to do but instead of beating myself up about that I recognised my 3 wins which where-

I had one of my KSFL Greens juices yesterday as part of my breakfast, which helped me get in a load of veggies that I just didn’t fancy having with my omelette so instead I juiced them and drank it with my breakfast = WIN!
I took all my decorations down yesterday, blitz the house and did my food shop for the week so I am totally prepped for this weeks food = WIN
I went to bed early and got over 8 hours sleep last night so I feel great today = WIN
This is a mind set shift, which is vital if you are looking for lasting results from your lifestyle changes – it takes a while and it works so much better if you have the support of others who are doing the same.

The biggest difference between what we do on our Kick Start transformation programmes and small group training camps is we focus on mind set change rather than just ‘you can’t eat this, you must eat this, you must exercise like this!’ – because anyone can do that! I can go on the internet and download a million exercise plans and diets and give them to you and say ‘ do this!’ But are you going to stick to it?

Probably not!

So instead I am going to help you think differently about food, think differently about exercise and about YOU as a whole!
We are going to get rid of that self doubt and self sabotage and replace it with total confidence in your ability to make the right choices

It’s not going to be something you can accomplish in a day or even in a week which is why my Kick Start Body Transformation programmes are now 12 weeks and Jay’s small group training camps are monthly rolling camps but it will be worth it – because it works!

The success stories you see me post on social media are REAL PEOPLE – they are some of YOU reading this! – You have shown how well it works!

So if you are serious about a resolution this year – Take up Kick Start with us!

I have 2 places left on my Kick Start 12 week Body Transformation programme which starts Monday 9th Jan – but I am adding everyone to the group today to start their mind set detox first!

Jay has a FREE trial session this Friday 6.15-7am at The Paddocks on North Street for his Kick Start Small group training camp – these camps are very exclusive as he only take a max of 18 per course – Jay currently has 3 places available for January’s course which starts Monday 9th but anyone came come and try out the camp on Friday for FREE

I also have a FREE Brainfit session this Wednesday at 10.15-11am if you’d like to come and try out this amazing mind set class before our 6 week courses starts on 11th Jan – I have a daytime and an evening course starting then. Please let me know if you’d like to come to the trial class or if you’d like to book on for the 6 week course.

Finally if you want to focus just on the exercise, classes start back tomorrow with 6.30pm Fitness Pilates and 7.30pm Dance Fit at Mandeville Hall £6 drop in per class or buy a session sign off card (which can be used for any of our Burwell Fitness classes) 6 sessions for £30.00 or 10 sessions for £45.00 to save you some money!

There is no CLUBBERCISE this week as the school doesn’t open until Thursday but we do have our new Thursday night class starting this week with Savanna – CORE & MORE 7.30 – 8.15pm at Mandeville Hall

Remember – celebrate your 3 WINS a day – I’d love to here them, feel free to message me or post on social media

Have a brilliant day!!!!

Much Love xx

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