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How Exercise affects your skin!

Good afternoon people!
Hope you had an amazing weekend and you are all set for this last week in November!
Can you believe it’s December on Thursday????? Where has this year gone!!!
This week I have a nice and quick email all about your skin and then some important info about classes over Christmas and for 2017! so make sure you read right through to the end
This weeks email is all about – Exercise and how it affects your skin
Exercise is so good for you, I don’t need to tell you that, but what effect does this have on your skin?
Do you want to know why sometimes you feel glowing after the gym or other times a total mess?!
Well exercise has a massive effect on your skin, how it looks and feels but there are some quick and very easy things you can do to help aid your post workout glow! 

So what are the Pro’s & Cons?

PRO – Your complexion gets a BOOST. Sweating flushes out built up debris and dead cells from your skin. The increased blood flow optimises nutrient and oxygen absorption with healthy looking skin as a result.

CON – If left, sweat gets absorbed BACK INTO the pores… ugh… along with any make up or bacteria from wiping your face. So try not to wear make up to the gym and wash your face thoroughly after your workout to prevent breakouts.

PRO– Exercise reduces stress hormones which therefore improves skin conditions linked with an increase in stress eg acne, ageing, eczema. HIIT training is best for this which is what we do on Monday nights & Wednesday Morning in Body Blitz

CON – Do you use a gym towel? Don’t use the same one to wipe your FACE! You are covering your face in bacteria!

PRO – We all know the terrible effects of sugar on the body, but did you know it causes glycation which hardens the collagen fibres leading to the terrible “W” word…wrinkles. HIIT training regulates blood glucose better than endurance cardio and can therefore mean less glycation!

CON – Friction from clothes can aggravate skin conditions such as acne so wear comfortable and quality workout wear. Make sure it is breathable and not going to stick or rub on your skin.
PRO – No need for botox when you work out…The repetitive muscle contraction speeds up the lymph system getting rid of toxins much faster. Water retention and puffiness is also reduced.

So not only does exercise help to aid weight loss, make you feel amazing from the release of endorphin’s but also now can help you look younger!!!

Yay – winner!!!! 

So my question is – Who’s coming to class this week to look fabulous? 

Tonight I am re-doing the Fitness test session in Body Blitz which we completed back at the start of November so we can track your fitness progression. Please do not worry if you didn’t do the fitness tests before – you can still come along tonight at track your fitness ready to compare it to next year! 

We have our Core & More taster class this Thursday with the lovely Savanna Smith 7.30-8.15pm at Mandeville Hall – places are limited so if you have booked a place already – well done you!!! Make sure you bring a mat with you! 

Throughout December I will be teaching my Candlelates sessions again which is Pilates by Candlelight – starting next Monday 5th December – These sessions will be focusing on relaxation, improving mindset, sleep patterns and promoting well being in this busy and some what stressful lead up to Christmas. 

This week will be the last Fitness Yoga session on Wednesday’s at 10.15-11am – unfortunately the numbers are not strong enough to keep this going over December and this class will be replaced by my 6 week BrainFit course starting 11th January – If you would like to book on the day or evening course please contact me asap as I am offering an early bird offer of £30 per course before Christmas (normal price is £40.00

Dates for your diary –

Wednesday 14th Dec – Christmas CLUBBERCISE party at 7pm in the school

Thursday 15th Dec – Burwell Fitness Christmas party at the Anchor – please go down and pay your deposit and choose your meals to join us for a cracking night out to celebrate all your achievements this year! 

Monday 19th Dec – Body Blitz Christmas bash 6.45pm at Mandeville Hall

Tuesday 20th Dec  – Dance Fit Christmas special 7.30pm at Mandeville Hall

We break up on Tuesday 20th Dec and there will be no classes back until Tuesday 3rd Jan 2017

All new KSFL courses start back on Monday 9th Jan if you would like to join me for my 12 week Body & health transformation programme or Jay’s Small group Training camp

BrainFit 6 week course starts Wednesday 11th January 10.15-11am at Mandeville Hall or 8-8.45pm at Burwell School

Core and More (NEW CLASS) starts on Thursday 5th Jan 7.30-8.15pm at Mandeville Hall with Savanna

Finally just to make you aware that for the first time since I started teaching in Burwell 7 years ago I will be putting the prices up for my session sign off cards to reflect the hall hire increase so from 3rd Jan the price for 6 sessions will be £30.00 and 10 sessions will be £45.00 – any brought before Christmas will be at the regular price of £25 for 6 or £40 for 10.

These new prices still give you a great discount per session rather than PAYG

I will have my new Kelly Reed Fitness & Kick Start Cambridge T Shirts for you from January if you are on any of our KSFL programmes or if you fill up your loyalty cards!!!

Well I think that is all for now but please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book anything

Much Love

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