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How’s your Mindset this September?

How is your mindset this September?

I hope you have had a lovely Summer and it’s been filled with long days, laughter and activity that has stopped you looking at the clock and even better, looking at your phone!

But maybe with the kids going back to school, darker mornings and earlier evenings this could have an effect on your mindset and your mental health. Sometimes when we go from one extreme to the other it can be a little more than ‘post holiday blues’.

It’s ok to feel like this. I can guarantee you are not alone but you might need a little help in coping with this change so below I have listed my 5 top tips in improving your mindset this September.

5 top tips:

1. Be around positivity:  

Read only positive things (I’m currently reading HAPPY by Fearn Cotton). The same goes for social media, only follow positive people, unfollow anyone who is negative or posts things that make you feel unhappy or bad about yourself.

2. Find your balance:

We all place more importance on certain aspects of life, putting more energy into some over others. Here’s a chance to address that balance – draw two large cherries on a piece of paper. Divide the first cherry up into different areas of your life, be that work, school, family, exercise etc and give each area the amount of space it currently takes up in your life like a pie chart. Then divide the second cherry into your desired balance. The journal what changes can you make to get your first cherry looking like your second.

3. Talking about journaling:

Buy yourself a cool positive note book which you can journal in. Start to write down daily goals which are set it a positive way. So rather than saying ‘don’t eat cake at work’ or ‘I should go to the gym every day’ change your goal setting to ‘try this’ or ‘I want to feel good’. If it’s coming from a place where you know inner happiness lies and can be achieved at the end of it, then run with it. If the WANT is coming from a place of fear and low self-esteem, and is making you feel rubbish then it’s time to ditch that aim and workout what really makes you tick.


4.Get outside and be with nature:

Even if it’s only for 5 mins go outside, ideally barefoot (but I know this might not be possible) and stand and breath. Without your phone, without talking to anyone, just take in whats around you. Giving yourself a mental vacation is a healing process whether you have been through tough times or not.

Having these last two weeks off has been a blessing and ideally I would have done it lazing around a pool but how do we get to that place without taking a two week vacation? It’s all about finding these short periods of time where you allow yourself to breath, time to heal, recharge and be still. Ideally if you can come to Pilates, BrainFit or Yoga you get this time in class but if not just take 5mins like having a smoking break but without smoking!!! Allow yourself to BE and not DO – after all we are human BEINGS not human DOINGS. (I stole that from Fearn and love it!!).


5. Surround yourself with WINNERS:

The people who take you higher not bring you down. Apparently you become the 5 people you spend the most time with so pick your squad carefully. Spend time who make you laugh, who make you feel good, who do not gossip about others. Who stop you looking at your phone and bring out the best in you.

Talking about phone’s – lets stop mindless scrolling. Lots of people are going social media free for September which I love the idea of if I didn’t use social media for majority of my work. Stop scrolling through social media, becoming obsessed with other peoples lives (who actually don’t have that life anyway) and comparing ourselves to strangers. We can loose 5,10, 30 mins or even hours mindless scrolling so put the phone down and start talking to people who matter instead!

So you may be thinking I don’t have time to do all of that Kelly, with school runs, homework, being a wife, mother, partner, daughter, son, husband, father, my job, career, keeping my household up etc but what we all forget at time is self-preservation. When we forget to make sure we are doing ok, we cant give our best to the people we care about if we are burnt out. So Rule 1 IS TAKE CARE OF YOU FIRST!!!


If this has resonated with you and you are looking to for a programme which will help you increase your lifestyle, health, wellness and fitness then check out our brand new 6 week Kick Start Elevate programme

We start Monday 10th September.


Or if you’d like more info – get in touch xx

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I’m taking 2 weeks off!!

Hey peeps!!!

Hope you are all well, I know the statement above might be slightly shocking lol!!

Since I haven’t had a holiday since I was working in Saint Lucia last September (which actually wasn’t a holiday as I was teaching ha ha ) but I have decided that from next Monday -27th August I am taking 2 weeks off from teaching so there will be no Burwell Fitness and all my club classes are covered!

I will be back teaching the week commencing 10th September

However Jay will still be teaching his Kick Start Boot Camp Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s 6.15-7am (Bank Holiday Monday it is 8-8.45am) so if anyone local would like to go to that he is opening the doors just for these 2 weeks as a drop in at £5 a session – please contact if you’d like to go.


Otherwise once I get back it will be all systems go with 2 new Kick Start programmes which I am launching and my 21 day online slimmer Abs programme so if you are interested read on, if not I will be teaching all classes as normal this week and then I’ll see you on 10th September xx

Lift Lean Express – Lift Lean 5:2 Diet 14 Day programme

Who is this for:

If you feel you are a non responder to exercise and diet.
Your food and fitness has spiraled out of control.
You are struggling with hormonal weight gain.
Unable to lose weight around your middle.
Can’t be bothered to exercise or can’t find the time to exercise.
Simply need structure and plan to follow that works.
Can follow a plan in the week and don’t want to feel deprived at the weekend.
Have a social life so strict detoxes don’t fit into your lifestyle.

14 New Lift Lean Workout.
14 Daily Nutrition and Weightloss videos – Step by Step. Day by Day.
14 days of LIVE Coaching from me.
Options to add in LIVE classes which are Body Blitz on Monday’s at 18.45pm and Wednesday’s 9.15am

Fitness Pilates workouts

AND the incredible Kick Start version of the 5:2 diet.

We are taking Kick Start into a new era of nutrition and weightloss called personalised nutrition. It is an evidence-based practice which works amazingly well.

All of the popular diet methods actually work…. on the right person.

Keto, Carb cycling, Intermittent fasting, Full fasting, Calorie Counting, Macro counting, Paleo

We try all of them in the 5:2 and I help you work out which method makes you thrive and is DOABLE in your lifestyle.

**Weightloss and wellness is moving on**.

*Have you got a busy family life?

*Have you got kids?

*Do you enjoy a G and T at the weekend and go out for dinner?

*Have to leave for work really early in a morning?

*Work shifts?

We can help you factor all of this in and STILL get results.

It’s called real world nutrition. You don’t have to give up coffee! and food groups or be high or low anything, let me help you create a sustainable plan that gets you results without giving up life!

The daily weight training and Fitness Pilates workouts help shape you mentally and physically and I am LIVE in the group EVERY DAY coaching you.

If you are struggling to get your nutrition together – you probably KNOW what to do but need coaching and accountability then join up and see some serious change.

So where do you sign up?
Right here!!!!

14 day Lift Lean programme including 1 LIVE class – £34.00
14 day Lift Lean programme including 2 LIVE classes – £38.50
14 day Lift Lean programme online – £27.50

The live classes will ONLY be Body Blitz on Monday’s at 18:45 or Wednesday’s 9:15


Kick Start Elevate – 6 week course 

Our Goal Is To Elevate You In All Aspects Of Your Life.

Elevate – High-Performance Lifestyle Coaching.
• Experience a choice of home workouts every day.
• Daily live coaching and mentoring in the private Facebook group.
• A daily nutrition and wellness plan.
• Step by step coaching making small daily changes helping you get to your big goals.

Elevate your mindset.
Elevate your nutrition
Elevate your fitness.
Elevate your self-confidence.
Elevate your happiness.
Elevate your lifestyle
Elevate your productivity.

High Performance lifestyle coaching – accessible and attainable for everyone.
It’s NOT just a meal plan or about food.
It’s NOT all about calories and macros or Keto or any other method of eating or weightloss.
You don’t cut out food groups or demonise certain food.
You work out which food makes you thrive physically, mentally and psychologically.

Elevate gives you the tools to create a lifestyle shift and reach your big goals.
*It’s sustainable. You can do this for the long term.
*It is designed to fit into increasingly busy lives, family lives, social lives and enjoying life.
*It is about improving your health, energy, and vitality.
*It is about individualised nutrition and weight loss options.
*I take into consideration what YOU ENJOY and what makes you tick.
You receive daily accountability, focus, support, community, respect and love.

What Does Elevate Consist Of?

*Daily exercise and workouts that are interesting, fun, time efficient and results-based,for physical and mental wellbeing – Choose between 3 daily workouts.
*Daily live coaching designed to improve mindset, productivity, efficiency and happiness.
*Tips on how to do your life laundry, manage and deal with stress.
* Be educated & updated on how to create healthy food behaviours and develop a positive relationship with food. No restrictions or fads.

Elevate Exercise
You can choose to add in any live classes should you wish to from Burwell Fitness time table –

Monday 18:45pm Body Blitz

Monday 20:00pm Fitness Pilates

Tuesday 18:30pm Fitness Pilates

Tuesday 19:30pm Dance Fit

Wednesday 9.15am Body Blitz

Wednesday 19:00pm clubbercise
Or complete this with us online

Nutrition And Weightloss Programme.
Is an evidence-based nutrition plan personalised and individualised for each client.

I help you with the little daily steps and habits that get you to those big goals and milestones.

Elevate marks a new beginning on Lifestyle Coaching…Its not all about the food we look at your emotional health, intellectual health, physiological health, time restraints, your personal preferences, your goals and dreams plus time management and productivity all plays a part in your ultimate success.

It’s all delivered online via a private Facebook group

So where do you sign?
Right here!!

1x class per week 6 weeks = £100.00

2x classes per week 6 weeks = £115.00

3x classes per week 6 weeks = £120.00

Unlimited classes = £145.00

Online = £82.50


AND Finally – 

21 day Slimmer Abs Programme

Are you looking to target your mid section and get the very best results in only 21 days?

Well if the answer is YES then you are in the right place!

Welcome to my 21 day Slimmer abs programme which is designed to reduce inflammation, decrease your bloat and give you the very best exercises to tone up and define your abdominals.

So what does this programme include?

A new 10min workout every day for 21 days specifically designed to target your midsection, including a variety of body conditioning, HIIT, Pilates & Yoga training
Extra bonus videos which also show you how to breath properly for abdominal engagement, how to stand correctly and also how to release tension within the back
21 day meal plan which is designed to reduce inflammation within the gut as well as reduce inches in your mid section however will not leave you hungry!
A private support group should you need to ask any questions or need extra motivation throughout your 21 day journey

Like the sound of it?

Wanna know when you can start?

Well the answer is ANYTIME!!

Once you sign up you will receive an email from me with all the workout links, meal plan and links to the support group so you can start whenever you want – any day of the week, any time of the year!

So what are you waiting for?

Come and join me on this journey to get you feeling and looking FABULOUS in only 21 days

So if this sounds like just what your looking for, message me to sign up for only £40.00


Any questions about any of the above just shout!!

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Fit Body Fit Mind Day

So we have booked our next FIT BODY FIT MIND day here at Burwell Fitness

Saturday 21st July 12-4pm

Why not come and join us for a chilled and restorative afternoon

Sessions include –

12.15-1pm Sports Yoga with Jay

1.15-2pm Barre Strength with Jay

2-2.45pm Stress and it’s impact on your health with Kelly

2.45-3.45pm Restorative Yoga Flow with Kelly

All for only £15 and includes a little goodie bag!

It is held at Mandeville Hall in Burwell just off Reach Road (on the cricket field) – –”/mandeville+hall+burwell/@52.2677574,0.2570145,12z/data=!4m8!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x47d8697ad7a716ff:0x76569b04a2aa2aad!2m2!1d0.327054!2d52.2677781

We only have 20 places available and already half have been booked so if you’d like to join us then please email me –



Also don’t forget tonight (5th July) we have a 1 off monthly special class

Core De Force with Jay


£5 per person

At Mandeville Hall

Everyone welcome


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Our IVF Journey is almost among us – so here’s some dates for your diary

Hey gang!!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter and those of you that are on school holidays are enjoying your Easter break!

Ok prepare yourself for a long (boring!!!) post with lots of dates in it!!! – NOT my kinda style but I just wanted to give you the heads up on when I will be taking some time off teaching and who will be covering in my absence and also just some general dates for your diary.

So I start my IVF injections on 21st April – which is all very exciting but I am under strict instructions not to teach any high impact classes, I can’t train myself or teach any classes in the evenings as I have to inject during my first week between 6-8pm and then not do anything afterwards.

So From w/c 23rd April Jay will be covering all my evening classes at Burwell for about 4 weeks

With the only change being CLUBBERCISE moving to 19:15-20:00 instead of 19:00-19.45

Body Blitz on Wednesday mornings I am trying to get another instructor to demo everything for me – as I will need to speak teach this and possibly will need to be going to appointments instead.

I am continuing to teach my Bedford Lodge classes for the first 2 weeks as these are only BrainFit, Yoga & Pilates in the mornings – but I’ll be speak teaching these and then getting cover for w/c 7th May and w/c 14th May

Thursday 26th April – Helen Chambers is covering Intervals & Jo Williams is covering Pilates at Nuffield

Friday 27th April Jo Williams is covering Stretch & relax at 9am & 10am at Nuffield

Judit will be covering Step at Nuffield for the 4 weeks I am taking off

Then 3rd,10th, 17th May Nathalie will be covering Intervals at Nuffield

Jo Williams is covering Pilates on 3rd May and Lexi will cover 10th & 17th May

Nathalie is covering all 9am stretch & relax classes on Fridays from 4th May

Jo Williams is covering 10am Stretch on 4th May & Lexi will cover 11th & 18th May

I’m going to continue to coach my 1-2-1 clients the whole time and run Kick Start Platinum & Kick Start courses, but Fitness Pilates for Mum’s & Tots & The Sleep Workshop will stop until after Half term w/c 4th June

It’s a very exciting time but also challenging as I teach 17 classes a week, train clients 8x week and run lots of courses so please bare with me if things have to change last min!!

I am blogging and vlogging everything on my instagram account – @myivfjourney2018 if you’d like to follow me!

In the mean time I have some dates for your diary for up and coming events –

Tomorrow (Wednesday 4th April) I am running a Family Body Blitz 

9.15-10am for all parents with children 5yrs plus who want to come and workout together!!

£5 for Adults

£8 for 1 adult with 1 child

£10 for 1 adult with 2 children

£12 for 1 adult with 3 children

These sessions are so much fun and great way to get active with the kids whilst the weather is so changeable!!

There will be no Body Blitz on Wednesday 11th April 

No Classes running on Tuesday 1st May as Mandeville is not available and neither is the school- Mandeville is having some maintenance work done to it so we can’t swap rooms which is disappointing! 

Monday 7th May is bank Holiday so there will be no classes running that day  

Our Next 14 day Kick Start Body Reset starts Monday 16th April !!!

This is perfect if you have over indulged this Easter or want to get back on track with your nutrition, exercise and hormone balance

Full details are on

You can choose to follow this highly successful inch loss programme online with us or add in all your fav classes from Burwell Fitness!

Let me know if you have any questions or click the link to sign up!!

Next CIZE Masterclass!!!!!

Thursday 19th April

19.30-20.15 at Mandeville Hall!!!

£5 drop in for anyone who wants to see the latest Dance fitness craze with Jay!!

Please contact us to book your place

Did you know that all our classes (except Fitness Pilates)  are available for you to bring your teens with you if they want to come and get active???

As long as they are 13yrs plus they can come and attend but need to be with a responsible adult

Again, contact me for more information on this!!

The month of April is Bring a friend and get YOUR class FREE!!!

If you bring a new friend with you to class then we will give you YOUR class for FREE as a THANK YOU for recommending Burwell Fitness – so save yourself some money this month, plus exercising with friends is so much more fun and motivating!!

Ok I think that’s all for now!!!!!

Have a great Tuesday and I hope to see you in class soon!!!

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

Hope you all had a lovely New Years Eve last night!!

Big Question………………………………

Are you ready to get back into your Health & Fitness goals?

Have you made any resolutions?

I hate the term ‘give things up’ – it’s soooooo negative and makes you feel like you’ve failed before you’ve started

So instead, why not focus on a New Years Resolution where you take something new up?

It’s so much better for your mindset and motivation

This really helped me when I quit coffee back in September (and I still haven’t had a coffee!!!!) So instead of me thinking I have ‘given up coffee’ instead I focused on starting to juice again and in my head told myself I had started Juicing every day to get extra nutrients in in the morning – including my apple, ginger and Turmeric shots which I have in hot water as hot drink every morning.

When you focus on starting something new, you get so focused on that, you forget about what you’ve actually given up!

So I invite you to start something new this year

It could be learning a new skill, language, maybe starting a new class

And if you are needing to detox from all the Christmas booze and food – then instead of thinking ‘I’m giving up drinking for January’ focus on starting to drink more water, to be more hydrated so you will think clearer, have better skin, nails, eyes. Also a dehydrated body can’t burn fat so you could use this as your motivation too!

But if you do need a little help we have lots of programme and classes all starting back very soon

Burwell Fitness is back Tomorrow night! 

All classes are listed at

This week CLUBBERCISE is at the earlier time of 6.45pm and it’s at Mandeville Hall as the school isn’t open until Thursday

Also Wednesday morning Body Blitz is family friendly – so feel free to bring the kids whilst they are still off school 9.15-10am at Madeville Hall

FREE Early Morning BOOT CAMP!

Jay is running another trial week this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 6.15-7am – open for EVERYONE who wants to come and join him

Please message him direct to book

Kick Start 14 day Body Reset !!

Starts Monday 8th January

Full details are on –

Over half the places have already been booked so if you’d like to join me the bookings close on Friday

I have 2 places available for my Women’s ONLY exclusive Kick Start Platinum package!!

This 4 week programme has been trialed and tested fore women who have hormone inblances, who maybe pre or post menopausal, who are on contraception and do not know the impact that will have on their weight loss.
For women who have trouble sleeping and have high stress levels and do not know the impact that will have on their body shape.
Who want to look and feel better, have more energy, wake up energized and get sleep through the night
I only take a maximum of 4 ladies per course and your nutrition programme will be tailor made for you.
 You will be training with me 3x a week on Monday’s Tuesday and Thursday’s at an exclusive Personal Training Studio on Barnham Road Cambridge 12.15-1pm


My other course is full so this is a great opportunity to jump in whilst there is space!!

Full details are at –


Our Next Kick Start Calorie Burner Day is 20th January!!

The timetable for the event it

12:00 🕛 sign in
12:15-13:00 P90X
13:00-13:45 Kick Start Ultimate abs
14:00-14:45 Turbo Kick
14:45-15:30 Align & Define
15:30-16:00 Relax and Release

Everyone that attends the calorie burner event will receive a goody bag to take away.

The event is only £15 (payment needed before 15th January)


That’s all for now folks

Enjoy the last bit of your New Years Day

Much Love KRB XX

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Make the right choices this Christmas so you don’t get mistaken for Santa!

This weeks blog is my 5 top tips to make sure you don’t end up looking like Santa on Christmas eve because of over indulging before you  even get to Christmas day, so here are my best 5 pointers to help you stay on track but still enjoy the party season.

  1. Go easy on the booze! Easy for me to say – hey, but honestly be mindful of getting into a habit of maybe drinking every day over Christmas – give yourself time off when you are not at parties, functions etc. Alcohol is sugar so if consumed and not burnt off will store (just like everything else) as fat. So when you are drinking I recommend that you substitute every second drink with a sparkling water (Your head, liver and waste line will thank you in the morning!)
  2. If you are going to a party and you know there is going to a a good old fashioned finger buffet (full of beige food) then eat before you leave. Have a high protein meal with good fats and complex carbs to keep you fueled all night and not tempted by the finger food. I recommend Salmon with green veg and boiled potato’s – smothered in grass-fed butter.
  3. Continue to stay active – remember if your calories in are more than your calories out then you will put on weight and the average person puts on around 7lbs over Christmas so if you do not want to fall in to the statistic then try to keep as active as possible. I know it’s hard as classes finish and gyms have Christmas reduced hours, but here at Burwell Fitness we have a way to help you – Jay has agreed to run his early morning bootcamp the week before Christmas for FREE!!!!! and the Wednesday 3rd & Friday 5th January 2018!!! All you need to do to sign up is email him –  I can also help – you can have access to ALL my online workout videos (there are HIIT, Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Conditioning & Stretch) unlimited from when we break up on 14th Dec to 2nd January for only £10 – message me and I will give you the access code.
  4. Try to have a healthy breakfast every morning over the holiday’s – you will then feel full so less likely to snack or make bad choices in the day – I love an omelette – make sure you get in some greens
  5. Recharge over Christmas – use the time off to be kind to yourself so that when you go back to normality on 2nd January you feel refreshed. Try not to stay up late on the nights you are not out and get your 7-8 hours sleep in

Bonus tip ******

Keep your water intake up! – many people feel tired and lethargic over the holidays because they are dehydrated so aim for 2-3 litres of water a day over Christmas

We want you to really enjoy the festivities but you can still stay on track and feel great this Christmas!!!

Dates for your diary –
Monday 11th Dec – 7 day Kick Start Pretox with me, includes –
7 day Clean eating meal plan where your meals will be mapped out for you focusing on portion control and increasing nutrients to give you a real energy boost before Christmas
🎯Unlimited LIVE classes (this week is our final week of classes at Burwell Fitness so we will be offering Fitness Pilates by Candlelight, Christmas Dance Fit, Clubbercise, Core De Force and Body Blitz & adding an extra Dance class on Thursday 14th December 7.30-8.15pm
🎯Unlimited online workouts for you to do at home to up your exercise!!
🎯Before & after measurements
🎯Kick Start Clean Christmas recipe book
All for only £25.00
Or join me online for only £17.00
Message me to book your place!
Monday 11th Dec
6.45pm Christmas Body Blitz
8pm Candle – Pilates for better sleep
Tuesday 12th Dec
6.30pm Candle – Pilates for better sleep
7.30pm Christmas Dance Fit
Wednesday 13th Dec
9.15am Christmas Daytime Body Blitz
7pm Christmas Clubbercise party
Thursday 14th Dec
6.45pm Christmas Core De Force
7.30pm CIZE (Street Dance) – special
Monday 18th, Wednesday 20th & Friday 22nd Dec – 6.15-7am FREE Boot Camp with Jay
Wednesday 3rd & Friday 5th Jay 6.15-7am FREE boot camp with Jay
Classes start back on Tuesday 2nd January
We have also booked in our next Calorie Burner for Saturday 20th January 12.30-4.30pm !!!
Places are limited so reserve your place today! 

For all other news make sure you have joined my FREE facebook group –

Or if you are local to Burwell then make sure you have joined my Burwell Fitness group –
Have a great day folks!!!
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How to stay well this winter

So today’s blog I wanted to give you my best advice to try to stay well and clear of those nasty bugs this winter!!

  1. I start each day with a ginger shot & a greens juice which I make myself so I know are full of goodness! We really need to think about food being medicine, The food you eat will either make you feel amazing or make you sick! A lot of people do not realise that the high levels of sugar they are consuming on a daily / weekly basis are fueling their sickness – whether it is a cold or flu or a serious as cancer! Cancer can not grow in an alkaline diet but it grows massively in an acidic diet and you can guess what is acidic in your diet………………… Yes you guessed it SUGAR!!!! But it also fuels those nasty flu bugs and tummy bugs by destroying all the good bacteria in your body, lowering your immune system and causing inflammation. So I have included two video which I posted on my Instagram and Facebook on how I make my ginger shots and greens juice every day! The ginger shots are great in hot water as a soothing hot drink too!!!
  2. Wash your hands!!! – I know this sounds obvious but there are soooooo many adults who do not wash their hands regularly and this is one of the quickest ways to spread bugs and infections. Making sure you wash your hands before you eat anything is vital! Also getting your little people to wash their hands will also help as they have a habit of touching EVERYTHING!! Ha ha so clean hands is the way forward people!
  3. Are you getting enough sleep? When we are tired we get run down and with the party season upon us, we know that you are going to have later nights, also this is vital for your children too! They will be staying up later and getting excited about Christmas so often they are over tired and run down. Try to have a cut off time for electric devices before bed so that you can wind down naturally. If you drink alcohol, be aware that this can affect your quality of sleep, often having you wake up in the middle of the night due to the sugar in your drinks raising your insulin levels up, waking you up and then not letting you get back to sleep – so you will then feel exhausted – so try to keep alcohol to celebration days and not just because you had a good/bad/hard/long/ stressful day.
  4. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air! Being stuck indoors all day, especially if you work in an air conditioned building is a breading ground for bugs! So if you take a lunch break – then go outside for a walk or if you work from home try starting the day with a morning walk – it doesn’t have to be long, just enjoy these fresh dry days to clear your head and keep bugs at bay!!
  5. If you do get sick – REST! Wrap up warm and make some winter warmer soups or stews which are packed full of goodness, eliminate everything you do not have to do and ONLY do the things which are vital!!! Don’t try to come back too soon into what your doing whether that be work/gym/ classes etc, you’ll make yourself feel worse and plus you’ll spread your bugs to everyone else!!!

So I really hope you all stay healthy in the lead up to Christmas and hope those little tips help!


Ladies – If you are on facebook and are interested in women’s health, wellness, nutrition and fitness then join my FREE facebook group

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No classes on Tuesday or Wednesday night until w/c 2nd October


just to remind you there is no Fitness Pilates at 18:30 or Dance Fit at 19:30 on Tuesdays and no clubbercise at 19:00 on Wednesdays until w/c 2nd October as we are away.

All other classes are running as normal with Savanna covering Monday nights, Wednesday mornings & Thursday nights, as well as early morning boot camp.

All club classes have been covered – please contact the gym direct for information on these

we are back on 2nd October

much love xx

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Greetings from Saint Lucia

Hello peeps

Yes I am writing to you today from my office in Saint Lucia – ha ha ha!!!

It’s amazing here and if you want to check out where Jay and I are presenting for the next 3 weeks please take a look at

Although if you want to feel better then you’ll be happy to know it’s been raining here and is scheduled to rain a lot over the next week but it is 30c!!!

Just wanted to remind you that Burwell Fitness classes on Monday nights, Wednesday morning & Thursday nights – are ON the whole time we are away!!! – It’s just Tuesday & Wednesday nights that are cancelled – so no excuses people!!!

Today I want to talk to you about one of my fav subjects – coffee!!! and the effects it can have which you might not realise.

Now I love coffee but it’s got to be organic and made fresh – I can’t stand instant or the horrible ones you get in certain big chain brands!

But I only limit myself to 1 a day and I’m going to try to give it up again while I’m out here as when I get home and start my IVF it 100% has to go! as it limits your chances of it working!

Caffeine is an insulin raising product. Sustained high levels of insulin cause us to become insulin resistant. This means our bodies become less sensitive to insulin, our immune systems are low, we become pre-diabetic and our body fat increases. So for health & weight loss we want to try to stabilise Insulin as much as possible but It is hard for some people to stop consuming it because of the addiction they have formed. It unfortunately is a drug which you rely on on a daily basis!
Caffeine and the effects on the brain
So, what happens to the blood flow to the brain when caffeine is ingested?
Caffeine causes the brain’s blood vessels to constrict, because it blocks adenosine’s ability to open them up. One regular cup of coffee can decrease blood flow to the brain by up to 30%.
To counteract the effect of caffeine, brain cells grow more adenosine receptors, which is the brain’s attempt to maintain equilibrium in the face of a constant onslaught of caffeine, with its adenosine receptors so regularly plugged. This explains why regular coffee drinkers build up a tolerance over time – because you have more adenosine receptors, it takes more caffeine to block a significant proportion of them and achieve the desired effect.
If you have been taking caffeine every day and you stop, you can get an incredible headache because of the increased blood flow in your brain. The adenosine receptors are able to function properly again. Your brain is used to operating in one set of conditions (with an artificially-inflated number of adenosine receptors, and a decreased number of norepinephrine receptors) that depend upon regular ingestion of caffeine. Suddenly, without the drug, the altered brain chemistry causes all sorts of problems, including the dreaded caffeine withdrawal headache.
You only need to get through about 7-12 days of symptoms without drinking any caffeine though.
During that period, your brain will naturally decrease the number of adenosine receptors on each cell, responding to the sudden lack of caffeine ingestion. If you can make it that long without a cup of coffee or tea, the levels of adenosine receptors in your brain reset to their baseline levels, and your addiction will be broken.
(Source: Phil Richards Performance: The Science of Fat Loss).
Here is a quick guide to getting off coffee 
Step 1: change to organic high quality coffee and have it filtered slowly
Step 2: introduce a caffeine curfew. Midafternoon is the last time you should be drinking caffeine. You may need to use a decaf option to start with
Step 3: Add Cinnamon to your coffee. This is proven to reduce the speed in which caffeine reaches your blood sugar
Step 4: Replace your milk for cream. The fat in the cream will also slow down the speed of the caffeine reaction
Step 5: Limit the amount that you have per day
Step 6: STOP if possible

Otherwise have a fantastic week and hopefully when I email you next week the sun maybe shinning here in Saint Lucia lol!!!!

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Next Kick Start Calorie Burner 24th June

We are super excited to announce we have our next Kick Start Calorie Burner day on Saturday 24th June at Burwell Memorial Hall!!!


If you haven’t been to one of these yet then this is the perfect time to kick start your health & fitness regime for summer!!


For this event I am really pleased that two of my good instructor friends who have taught with me for years will be presenting at the day!!!


so this is what we have in store for you!!!!


12.00md – Registration


12.15 – 1pm The Buff Body Workout with Kelly ( This is an interval class with a difference!!)


1 – 1.45pm The Pound Workout with Lorraine Thompson Check out this video to see what it’s all about


2-2.45pm Combat HIIT with Ben Capper


2.45-3.15pm Now that’s what I call ABS with Kelly


3.15-4pm Align & Define with Kelly


All this for only £12


Now there is only 30 places available due to the Rixsticks used in Pound and already 5 places have gone!!!


So if you want one of the last 25 places please message me asap to book your place!


We will have prizes to give away during Buff Body & Abs session plus loads of yummy Kick Start goodies to try



Also we have our Core De Force Launch Night on Thursday 4th August 18.45-19.30 with Savanna and Jay at Mandeville Hall

Tickets go on sale tonight so you can get these from me in class or book online £5 ticket and only 20 places available


Check out the video on To see what it’s all about



I also have the launch of my FIT BODY FIT MIND day on Saturday 8th July at Mandeville Hall


Come and join me for an afternoon of wellness for the Body and Mind


You will be experiencing –


12md – Welcome


12.15 – 1pm Serenity Yoga with Alysha – This focus’ on Self Belief and balancing the mind the body


1 – 1.45pm Balancing hormones through food talk with Kelly


2 -2.45pm Trigger point Pilates with Kelly to release physical tension in the body


2.45-3.30pm Pilates for better backs with Jay


3.30 – 4pm Meditation BrainFit with Kelly


Everyone will receive a good bag who comes on the day and the price is only £15 per person and there are only 25 places available due to hall space


Please let me know if you’d like to reserve your place



So I think that covers everything for now – wow what a great couple of months we have lined up!!!


Question is who’s joining us????????


Core De Force – Coming Fall 2016

INTRODUCING CORE DE FORCE Created by Trainers Joel and Jericho, it’s 30 days of zero-equipment, core-defining workouts inspired by the most high-octane sport…