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I’m taking 2 weeks off!!

Hey peeps!!!

Hope you are all well, I know the statement above might be slightly shocking lol!!

Since I haven’t had a holiday since I was working in Saint Lucia last September (which actually wasn’t a holiday as I was teaching ha ha ) but I have decided that from next Monday -27th August I am taking 2 weeks off from teaching so there will be no Burwell Fitness and all my club classes are covered!

I will be back teaching the week commencing 10th September

However Jay will still be teaching his Kick Start Boot Camp Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s 6.15-7am (Bank Holiday Monday it is 8-8.45am) so if anyone local would like to go to that he is opening the doors just for these 2 weeks as a drop in at £5 a session – please contact if you’d like to go.


Otherwise once I get back it will be all systems go with 2 new Kick Start programmes which I am launching and my 21 day online slimmer Abs programme so if you are interested read on, if not I will be teaching all classes as normal this week and then I’ll see you on 10th September xx

Lift Lean Express – Lift Lean 5:2 Diet 14 Day programme

Who is this for:

If you feel you are a non responder to exercise and diet.
Your food and fitness has spiraled out of control.
You are struggling with hormonal weight gain.
Unable to lose weight around your middle.
Can’t be bothered to exercise or can’t find the time to exercise.
Simply need structure and plan to follow that works.
Can follow a plan in the week and don’t want to feel deprived at the weekend.
Have a social life so strict detoxes don’t fit into your lifestyle.

14 New Lift Lean Workout.
14 Daily Nutrition and Weightloss videos – Step by Step. Day by Day.
14 days of LIVE Coaching from me.
Options to add in LIVE classes which are Body Blitz on Monday’s at 18.45pm and Wednesday’s 9.15am

Fitness Pilates workouts

AND the incredible Kick Start version of the 5:2 diet.

We are taking Kick Start into a new era of nutrition and weightloss called personalised nutrition. It is an evidence-based practice which works amazingly well.

All of the popular diet methods actually work…. on the right person.

Keto, Carb cycling, Intermittent fasting, Full fasting, Calorie Counting, Macro counting, Paleo

We try all of them in the 5:2 and I help you work out which method makes you thrive and is DOABLE in your lifestyle.

**Weightloss and wellness is moving on**.

*Have you got a busy family life?

*Have you got kids?

*Do you enjoy a G and T at the weekend and go out for dinner?

*Have to leave for work really early in a morning?

*Work shifts?

We can help you factor all of this in and STILL get results.

It’s called real world nutrition. You don’t have to give up coffee! and food groups or be high or low anything, let me help you create a sustainable plan that gets you results without giving up life!

The daily weight training and Fitness Pilates workouts help shape you mentally and physically and I am LIVE in the group EVERY DAY coaching you.

If you are struggling to get your nutrition together – you probably KNOW what to do but need coaching and accountability then join up and see some serious change.

So where do you sign up?
Right here!!!!

14 day Lift Lean programme including 1 LIVE class – £34.00
14 day Lift Lean programme including 2 LIVE classes – £38.50
14 day Lift Lean programme online – £27.50

The live classes will ONLY be Body Blitz on Monday’s at 18:45 or Wednesday’s 9:15


Kick Start Elevate – 6 week course 

Our Goal Is To Elevate You In All Aspects Of Your Life.

Elevate – High-Performance Lifestyle Coaching.
• Experience a choice of home workouts every day.
• Daily live coaching and mentoring in the private Facebook group.
• A daily nutrition and wellness plan.
• Step by step coaching making small daily changes helping you get to your big goals.

Elevate your mindset.
Elevate your nutrition
Elevate your fitness.
Elevate your self-confidence.
Elevate your happiness.
Elevate your lifestyle
Elevate your productivity.

High Performance lifestyle coaching – accessible and attainable for everyone.
It’s NOT just a meal plan or about food.
It’s NOT all about calories and macros or Keto or any other method of eating or weightloss.
You don’t cut out food groups or demonise certain food.
You work out which food makes you thrive physically, mentally and psychologically.

Elevate gives you the tools to create a lifestyle shift and reach your big goals.
*It’s sustainable. You can do this for the long term.
*It is designed to fit into increasingly busy lives, family lives, social lives and enjoying life.
*It is about improving your health, energy, and vitality.
*It is about individualised nutrition and weight loss options.
*I take into consideration what YOU ENJOY and what makes you tick.
You receive daily accountability, focus, support, community, respect and love.

What Does Elevate Consist Of?

*Daily exercise and workouts that are interesting, fun, time efficient and results-based,for physical and mental wellbeing – Choose between 3 daily workouts.
*Daily live coaching designed to improve mindset, productivity, efficiency and happiness.
*Tips on how to do your life laundry, manage and deal with stress.
* Be educated & updated on how to create healthy food behaviours and develop a positive relationship with food. No restrictions or fads.

Elevate Exercise
You can choose to add in any live classes should you wish to from Burwell Fitness time table –

Monday 18:45pm Body Blitz

Monday 20:00pm Fitness Pilates

Tuesday 18:30pm Fitness Pilates

Tuesday 19:30pm Dance Fit

Wednesday 9.15am Body Blitz

Wednesday 19:00pm clubbercise
Or complete this with us online

Nutrition And Weightloss Programme.
Is an evidence-based nutrition plan personalised and individualised for each client.

I help you with the little daily steps and habits that get you to those big goals and milestones.

Elevate marks a new beginning on Lifestyle Coaching…Its not all about the food we look at your emotional health, intellectual health, physiological health, time restraints, your personal preferences, your goals and dreams plus time management and productivity all plays a part in your ultimate success.

It’s all delivered online via a private Facebook group

So where do you sign?
Right here!!

1x class per week 6 weeks = £100.00

2x classes per week 6 weeks = £115.00

3x classes per week 6 weeks = £120.00

Unlimited classes = £145.00

Online = £82.50


AND Finally – 

21 day Slimmer Abs Programme

Are you looking to target your mid section and get the very best results in only 21 days?

Well if the answer is YES then you are in the right place!

Welcome to my 21 day Slimmer abs programme which is designed to reduce inflammation, decrease your bloat and give you the very best exercises to tone up and define your abdominals.

So what does this programme include?

A new 10min workout every day for 21 days specifically designed to target your midsection, including a variety of body conditioning, HIIT, Pilates & Yoga training
Extra bonus videos which also show you how to breath properly for abdominal engagement, how to stand correctly and also how to release tension within the back
21 day meal plan which is designed to reduce inflammation within the gut as well as reduce inches in your mid section however will not leave you hungry!
A private support group should you need to ask any questions or need extra motivation throughout your 21 day journey

Like the sound of it?

Wanna know when you can start?

Well the answer is ANYTIME!!

Once you sign up you will receive an email from me with all the workout links, meal plan and links to the support group so you can start whenever you want – any day of the week, any time of the year!

So what are you waiting for?

Come and join me on this journey to get you feeling and looking FABULOUS in only 21 days

So if this sounds like just what your looking for, message me to sign up for only £40.00


Any questions about any of the above just shout!!