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Have you read Sharon’s Story?

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I just head to share this wonderful testimony from Sharon Knights who has been on my 12 week Kick Start Body transformation programme since before Christmas.

Sharon originally just was coming to Dance Fit on Tuesday night’s but after seeing a lot of my Kick Starters progress signed up originally just for 1 month but got hooked on the results and continued for a further 6 weeks before Christmas and now into her fifth week on this 12 week course.

This is her story so far

“So, I have struggled with my weight for years and years, ever since I was a teenager. The usual thing trying all the other weight loss groups, pills, potions and patches. Although they work for a while, you can soon get back into bad habits, and counting calories is just a nightmare!

KSFL with Kelly Reed-Banks has been totally amazing for me. In just 10 weeks I lost 22.5 inches and am continuing to lose more each week. Clean eating and drinking plenty of water is now the norm, and I feel great!! More energy, better skin and of course smaller clothes. I have received amazing comments about how I look which makes me more motivated to do well.

The key is to not beat yourself up if you don’t have a good day, but just start again. We all have a life but it is about the food and drink choices you make.

The support network online and at Burwell Fitness classes is wonderful, with everyone giving each other and encouragement along the way, which I really enjoy, and where you make great friends too!

This whole experience has been life changing for me and I would recommend to anyone. I have inspired friends to do this too, who have already lost inches. What have you got to lose? ……..only inches ?”

I have attached Sharon’s before and after picture, although her before picture is the only one she had as Sharon use to hate her picture being taken – however look at her now!!!!
What amazing transformation!
If you want to join Sharon and many of my other kick starters then I am taking on only 10 new people to join us from Monday to complete 6 weeks
Message me for more info! You can do this online or live with me!
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