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Are you ready for Christmas or really dreading it?

Good afternoon people!!

So big question……………….How are you REALLY feeling about the holidays coming up?

It’s such a funny time of year, with so many people really excited for family time off and to eat, drink and be merry and then many other people dreading it for one reason or another.

Families can be stressful and to spend more time with them than usual can put your anxiety levels sky rocketing or to balance family time between in-laws, your family, children, friends etc can make you feel like you need a holiday afterwards!

For me, I have always loved family time, that was never the cause of stress at Christmas, Food on the other hand was!

I’ve battled with food issues  since I was 13 till my early 30’s and for someone who fears a holiday which is totally associated with meals and sitting down and eating meal after meal, Christmas was my worse nightmare.

Throughout my late teens and early twenties I would always be the sado in the gym on Boxing day and even New Years Eve and Day – desperate to burn off those calories I had put on, punishing myself for sitting down and actually eating a three course meal plus all the extras (sweets, chocolates, crisps,) in between Christmas lunch and then the gourmet buffet tea my Nan would lay on about 6pm which would certainly send me over the edge!

I use to be so angry with the fact that the gym wasn’t open Christmas day morning so I could get a training session in before I had to gorge myself to the max and then even more frustrated with myself for eating what I’d eaten all day.!!!! – Crackers!!!!

I can look back now and see how bad my relationship with food was, but at the time, this was the norm in my life and for many others I knew.

So why do we often see food as punishment? or reward?

Why do we believe that we need to fill ourselves to the rafters over the Christmas period and then jump on any diet we can which will help us lose the most weight in the quickest time possible, drinking shakes, taking pills and potion’s for a quick fix?

For me, I overcame my issues with food when I stopped thinking of food as punishment and starting thinking of it as fuel.

What you eat matters.  How much you eat matters.

And here’s a hint… you will NEVER be able to exercise off a bad diet! (I wish someone had told me this when I was younger!)

The main problem in the UK is that processed, fast food is cheap & easy!

Most of the food you associate with this holiday period is also processed from all the adverts on the TV & in the magazines, 

BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE! – you can actually stay on track over Christmas if you think of food being fuel, medicine and nourishment! 

If processed, junk food is your passion, your body is actually STARVING.  There are no actual nutrients going in, you’ve got no fuel – lots of calories, but nothing that your cells can actually use to keep all systems functioning properly.

It’s not rocket science, it’s common sense.

Ask yourself this question:  Do you Eat to Live, or Live to Eat?
Is your body a Temple fueled by good nutrition, or are you a human rubbish bin?  It sounds harsh, but it’s the reality of the situation: Whether the foods you eat are fueling your good health or causing you to feel sick, listless, and causing you to gain weight rather than maintain a healthy weight.
Getting your body on track with a FOOD as FUEL Lifestyle isn’t going to happen overnight, (it took me around 18 years but I didn’t have anyone to guide me or tell me any different!) But it’s not going to happen at all if you’re on the “diet” rollercoaster.
Breaking the diet cycle is hard work, but isn’t your body worth it?
Are you ready to step off the rollercoaster people???


Rather than thinking ‘ there’s no point starting now as I’ve got too many parties/ social events over Christmas, I’ll start in January, so I’ll just eat and drink myself into oblivion from now until 2nd January’, try these 5 top tips to help you make this lifestyle change become embedded this new year.

We limit the damage over the holidays but we learn to fuel ourselves with nutritious food which tastes great and fills us up and we enjoy this holiday and don’t feel guilty.

1. Make the days when you are not eating out REALLY GOOD ones……no bad carbs, no snacks, limit the alcohol 
2. If you are eating out then make sure your breakfast is high protein & good fats to curb the over-eating or snacking
3. Drink 2-3 litres of water a day without fail, and for every alcoholic drink you have, match it with a still or sparkling water
4. Exercise as much as possible, ideally if you can get outside for fresh air then do it! If you need motivation I am offering unlimited access to all my online workouts for only £10 from today until 3rd Jan – contact me to access this!
5. Once the festivities are over, spring clean your cupboards and fridge – give any left over you do not want to food banks this way your left overs are feeding someone else less fortunate and also helping you out too! 
For more daily motivation, like our face book page
Dates for your diary
  • This Wednesday 14th Dec is our last Body Blitz at 9.30am at Mandeville Hall & CLUBBERCISE 7pm at Burwell School – We are having a CLUBBERCISE Christmas party with your best party tracks so come and dress up in whatever makes you feel fabulous and join us for the ultimate Pre Christmas party! 
  • Candlelates (Pilates by Candlelight) is on tonight 8pm, Tomorrow 6.30pm and then Monday 19th & Tuesday 20th December 
  • Burwell Fitness & KSFL Christmas party is this Thursday 7.30pm at The Anchor in Burwell, please go down and pay £10 deposit and choose your meals if you’d like to join us
  • Monday 19th Dec – 6.45pm Body Blitz Christmas special – fancy dress is optional but if your going to dress up make sure you sparkle!!! I am putting together a Festive fun workout for you to really get you ready for Christmas
  • Tuesday 20th Dec 7.30pm Dance Fit is Strictly come dancing with Jay and I – don’t worry you do not need to bring a partner and you don’t even need to be able to dance, just come and have fun on our last night of fitness for 2016!
  • I will actually be teaching at The Self Centre over Christmas in Bury on Wednesday 28th Dec 9.30-11am Fitness Pilates and New Years eve 9.30-11am HOT Fitness Pilates Detox
  • All classes start back on Tuesday 3rd Jan, due to hall hire increase I will be putting my prices up for my session sign off cards from 3rd Jan to £30.00 for 6 sessions and £45.00 for 10 – However if you purchase these before Christmas you will still get them at the old price and be able to use them in 2017.
  • I am taking bookings now for my 12 week Kick Start Body Transformation course starting 9th Jan for both online and live course – please message me for more info
  • 6 week BrainFit courses start 11th Jan 10.15-11am at Mandeville Hall or 8-8.45pm at Burwell school
  • Next Kick Start fitness day is Saturday 14th Jan 12-4pm – timetable will be released next week
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