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Are you ready for September 2019?

Lets feel great this September!! Hope you are enjoying this wonderful summer! It’s definitely been a hot one and exercising in this heat has certainly been challenging but for those of you that have continued to exercise over the summer, you really have smashed your workouts!!! I will be away from Thursday 5th – Monday

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How’s your Mindset this September?

How is your mindset this September? I hope you have had a lovely Summer and it’s been filled with long days, laughter and activity that has stopped you looking at the clock and even better, looking at your phone! But maybe with the kids going back to school, darker mornings and earlier evenings this could

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MELT Fitness Pilates on Sunday 1-2pm

MELT Fitness Pilates on Sunday 1-2pm – This is a pilates session with a difference. Students will tap into their connective tissue system to enhance body awareness, release tension and reduce pain for vibrant health and pain-free movement. Feel younger, prevent pain and heal injury with the M.E.L.T Fitness Pilates. If you’d like to book IFS,

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Ultimate Abs on Saturday 5.15-6.15pm

Ultimate Abs on Saturday 5.15-6.15pm – Ultimately we all want great looking abs, but we also have to realize that the entire core of our body is our physical foundation for everything we do in life. So by coming to this class, not only will you get a great 6-pack, but you will set up your

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Sphere Training on Friday 12-1pm

A challenging interval session, this workout combines total body conditioning with intense cardio for maximum fat and calorie burn. This session takes the participant through a series of cardio and strength training exercises with relatively brief rest intervals in between. The purpose is to keep the heart rate elevated near the aerobic level without dropping

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KRF News

Kelly Reed Fitness

We are very excited for new changes coming to Burwell Fitness & KSFL Cambridge!! 6.45-7.45pm Monday night in Mandeville Hall is now Body Blitz with Kelly. Which is a full body workout using light weight equipment and body weight for a full body sculpt. Ideal for those who are looking to tone up and burn

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