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Are you ready for September 2019?

Lets feel great this September!!

Hope you are enjoying this wonderful summer! It’s definitely been a hot one and exercising in this heat has certainly been challenging but for those of you that have continued to exercise over the summer, you really have smashed your workouts!!!

I will be away from Thursday 5th – Monday 16th September teaching at a beautiful resort in Turkey!

For Burwell Fitness there will be no classes on Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th and then Monday 16th September – so only 4 day which will be effected.

For my club classes – Nuffield I have Nathalie covering 5th Sept, Victor covering 6th, 12th & 13th September and Bedford Lodge Adjianna is covering all my classes.

When I come back I am relaunching Burwell Fitness with a fresh new feel and look. Body Blitz will be called Lift Lean and we will be using a combination of weights, kettle bells, body weight and loop bands to give you the ultimate workout. I will have new routines for DanceFit & CLUBBERCISE (and also more disco balls for CLUBBERCISE) and Fitness Pilates will take on a new focus every week.

It’s exciting times for Burwell Fitness and I’d love you to join me!

Don’t forget that all classes are on as normal until I go away so you can get your fitness fix up until then.

My next 14 day Kick Start Body Reset starts Tuesday 17th September so if you’d like more info on this please go to – you can add in any of my Burwell Fitness classes to this programme or complete it with me online.

September is the perfect time to set new goals – whether it’s fitness, health or lifestyle and I would love to help you feel and look better this year so any questions just shout!!

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How’s your Mindset this September?

How is your mindset this September?

I hope you have had a lovely Summer and it’s been filled with long days, laughter and activity that has stopped you looking at the clock and even better, looking at your phone!

But maybe with the kids going back to school, darker mornings and earlier evenings this could have an effect on your mindset and your mental health. Sometimes when we go from one extreme to the other it can be a little more than ‘post holiday blues’.

It’s ok to feel like this. I can guarantee you are not alone but you might need a little help in coping with this change so below I have listed my 5 top tips in improving your mindset this September.

5 top tips:

1. Be around positivity:  

Read only positive things (I’m currently reading HAPPY by Fearn Cotton). The same goes for social media, only follow positive people, unfollow anyone who is negative or posts things that make you feel unhappy or bad about yourself.

2. Find your balance:

We all place more importance on certain aspects of life, putting more energy into some over others. Here’s a chance to address that balance – draw two large cherries on a piece of paper. Divide the first cherry up into different areas of your life, be that work, school, family, exercise etc and give each area the amount of space it currently takes up in your life like a pie chart. Then divide the second cherry into your desired balance. The journal what changes can you make to get your first cherry looking like your second.

3. Talking about journaling:

Buy yourself a cool positive note book which you can journal in. Start to write down daily goals which are set it a positive way. So rather than saying ‘don’t eat cake at work’ or ‘I should go to the gym every day’ change your goal setting to ‘try this’ or ‘I want to feel good’. If it’s coming from a place where you know inner happiness lies and can be achieved at the end of it, then run with it. If the WANT is coming from a place of fear and low self-esteem, and is making you feel rubbish then it’s time to ditch that aim and workout what really makes you tick.


4.Get outside and be with nature:

Even if it’s only for 5 mins go outside, ideally barefoot (but I know this might not be possible) and stand and breath. Without your phone, without talking to anyone, just take in whats around you. Giving yourself a mental vacation is a healing process whether you have been through tough times or not.

Having these last two weeks off has been a blessing and ideally I would have done it lazing around a pool but how do we get to that place without taking a two week vacation? It’s all about finding these short periods of time where you allow yourself to breath, time to heal, recharge and be still. Ideally if you can come to Pilates, BrainFit or Yoga you get this time in class but if not just take 5mins like having a smoking break but without smoking!!! Allow yourself to BE and not DO – after all we are human BEINGS not human DOINGS. (I stole that from Fearn and love it!!).


5. Surround yourself with WINNERS:

The people who take you higher not bring you down. Apparently you become the 5 people you spend the most time with so pick your squad carefully. Spend time who make you laugh, who make you feel good, who do not gossip about others. Who stop you looking at your phone and bring out the best in you.

Talking about phone’s – lets stop mindless scrolling. Lots of people are going social media free for September which I love the idea of if I didn’t use social media for majority of my work. Stop scrolling through social media, becoming obsessed with other peoples lives (who actually don’t have that life anyway) and comparing ourselves to strangers. We can loose 5,10, 30 mins or even hours mindless scrolling so put the phone down and start talking to people who matter instead!

So you may be thinking I don’t have time to do all of that Kelly, with school runs, homework, being a wife, mother, partner, daughter, son, husband, father, my job, career, keeping my household up etc but what we all forget at time is self-preservation. When we forget to make sure we are doing ok, we cant give our best to the people we care about if we are burnt out. So Rule 1 IS TAKE CARE OF YOU FIRST!!!


If this has resonated with you and you are looking to for a programme which will help you increase your lifestyle, health, wellness and fitness then check out our brand new 6 week Kick Start Elevate programme

We start Monday 10th September.


Or if you’d like more info – get in touch xx

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

Hope you all had a lovely New Years Eve last night!!

Big Question………………………………

Are you ready to get back into your Health & Fitness goals?

Have you made any resolutions?

I hate the term ‘give things up’ – it’s soooooo negative and makes you feel like you’ve failed before you’ve started

So instead, why not focus on a New Years Resolution where you take something new up?

It’s so much better for your mindset and motivation

This really helped me when I quit coffee back in September (and I still haven’t had a coffee!!!!) So instead of me thinking I have ‘given up coffee’ instead I focused on starting to juice again and in my head told myself I had started Juicing every day to get extra nutrients in in the morning – including my apple, ginger and Turmeric shots which I have in hot water as hot drink every morning.

When you focus on starting something new, you get so focused on that, you forget about what you’ve actually given up!

So I invite you to start something new this year

It could be learning a new skill, language, maybe starting a new class

And if you are needing to detox from all the Christmas booze and food – then instead of thinking ‘I’m giving up drinking for January’ focus on starting to drink more water, to be more hydrated so you will think clearer, have better skin, nails, eyes. Also a dehydrated body can’t burn fat so you could use this as your motivation too!

But if you do need a little help we have lots of programme and classes all starting back very soon

Burwell Fitness is back Tomorrow night! 

All classes are listed at

This week CLUBBERCISE is at the earlier time of 6.45pm and it’s at Mandeville Hall as the school isn’t open until Thursday

Also Wednesday morning Body Blitz is family friendly – so feel free to bring the kids whilst they are still off school 9.15-10am at Madeville Hall

FREE Early Morning BOOT CAMP!

Jay is running another trial week this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 6.15-7am – open for EVERYONE who wants to come and join him

Please message him direct to book

Kick Start 14 day Body Reset !!

Starts Monday 8th January

Full details are on –

Over half the places have already been booked so if you’d like to join me the bookings close on Friday

I have 2 places available for my Women’s ONLY exclusive Kick Start Platinum package!!

This 4 week programme has been trialed and tested fore women who have hormone inblances, who maybe pre or post menopausal, who are on contraception and do not know the impact that will have on their weight loss.
For women who have trouble sleeping and have high stress levels and do not know the impact that will have on their body shape.
Who want to look and feel better, have more energy, wake up energized and get sleep through the night
I only take a maximum of 4 ladies per course and your nutrition programme will be tailor made for you.
 You will be training with me 3x a week on Monday’s Tuesday and Thursday’s at an exclusive Personal Training Studio on Barnham Road Cambridge 12.15-1pm


My other course is full so this is a great opportunity to jump in whilst there is space!!

Full details are at –


Our Next Kick Start Calorie Burner Day is 20th January!!

The timetable for the event it

12:00 🕛 sign in
12:15-13:00 P90X
13:00-13:45 Kick Start Ultimate abs
14:00-14:45 Turbo Kick
14:45-15:30 Align & Define
15:30-16:00 Relax and Release

Everyone that attends the calorie burner event will receive a goody bag to take away.

The event is only £15 (payment needed before 15th January)


That’s all for now folks

Enjoy the last bit of your New Years Day

Much Love KRB XX

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Make the right choices this Christmas so you don’t get mistaken for Santa!

This weeks blog is my 5 top tips to make sure you don’t end up looking like Santa on Christmas eve because of over indulging before you  even get to Christmas day, so here are my best 5 pointers to help you stay on track but still enjoy the party season.

  1. Go easy on the booze! Easy for me to say – hey, but honestly be mindful of getting into a habit of maybe drinking every day over Christmas – give yourself time off when you are not at parties, functions etc. Alcohol is sugar so if consumed and not burnt off will store (just like everything else) as fat. So when you are drinking I recommend that you substitute every second drink with a sparkling water (Your head, liver and waste line will thank you in the morning!)
  2. If you are going to a party and you know there is going to a a good old fashioned finger buffet (full of beige food) then eat before you leave. Have a high protein meal with good fats and complex carbs to keep you fueled all night and not tempted by the finger food. I recommend Salmon with green veg and boiled potato’s – smothered in grass-fed butter.
  3. Continue to stay active – remember if your calories in are more than your calories out then you will put on weight and the average person puts on around 7lbs over Christmas so if you do not want to fall in to the statistic then try to keep as active as possible. I know it’s hard as classes finish and gyms have Christmas reduced hours, but here at Burwell Fitness we have a way to help you – Jay has agreed to run his early morning bootcamp the week before Christmas for FREE!!!!! and the Wednesday 3rd & Friday 5th January 2018!!! All you need to do to sign up is email him –  I can also help – you can have access to ALL my online workout videos (there are HIIT, Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Conditioning & Stretch) unlimited from when we break up on 14th Dec to 2nd January for only £10 – message me and I will give you the access code.
  4. Try to have a healthy breakfast every morning over the holiday’s – you will then feel full so less likely to snack or make bad choices in the day – I love an omelette – make sure you get in some greens
  5. Recharge over Christmas – use the time off to be kind to yourself so that when you go back to normality on 2nd January you feel refreshed. Try not to stay up late on the nights you are not out and get your 7-8 hours sleep in

Bonus tip ******

Keep your water intake up! – many people feel tired and lethargic over the holidays because they are dehydrated so aim for 2-3 litres of water a day over Christmas

We want you to really enjoy the festivities but you can still stay on track and feel great this Christmas!!!

Dates for your diary –
Monday 11th Dec – 7 day Kick Start Pretox with me, includes –
7 day Clean eating meal plan where your meals will be mapped out for you focusing on portion control and increasing nutrients to give you a real energy boost before Christmas
🎯Unlimited LIVE classes (this week is our final week of classes at Burwell Fitness so we will be offering Fitness Pilates by Candlelight, Christmas Dance Fit, Clubbercise, Core De Force and Body Blitz & adding an extra Dance class on Thursday 14th December 7.30-8.15pm
🎯Unlimited online workouts for you to do at home to up your exercise!!
🎯Before & after measurements
🎯Kick Start Clean Christmas recipe book
All for only £25.00
Or join me online for only £17.00
Message me to book your place!
Monday 11th Dec
6.45pm Christmas Body Blitz
8pm Candle – Pilates for better sleep
Tuesday 12th Dec
6.30pm Candle – Pilates for better sleep
7.30pm Christmas Dance Fit
Wednesday 13th Dec
9.15am Christmas Daytime Body Blitz
7pm Christmas Clubbercise party
Thursday 14th Dec
6.45pm Christmas Core De Force
7.30pm CIZE (Street Dance) – special
Monday 18th, Wednesday 20th & Friday 22nd Dec – 6.15-7am FREE Boot Camp with Jay
Wednesday 3rd & Friday 5th Jay 6.15-7am FREE boot camp with Jay
Classes start back on Tuesday 2nd January
We have also booked in our next Calorie Burner for Saturday 20th January 12.30-4.30pm !!!
Places are limited so reserve your place today! 

For all other news make sure you have joined my FREE facebook group –

Or if you are local to Burwell then make sure you have joined my Burwell Fitness group –
Have a great day folks!!!
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How to stay well this winter

So today’s blog I wanted to give you my best advice to try to stay well and clear of those nasty bugs this winter!!

  1. I start each day with a ginger shot & a greens juice which I make myself so I know are full of goodness! We really need to think about food being medicine, The food you eat will either make you feel amazing or make you sick! A lot of people do not realise that the high levels of sugar they are consuming on a daily / weekly basis are fueling their sickness – whether it is a cold or flu or a serious as cancer! Cancer can not grow in an alkaline diet but it grows massively in an acidic diet and you can guess what is acidic in your diet………………… Yes you guessed it SUGAR!!!! But it also fuels those nasty flu bugs and tummy bugs by destroying all the good bacteria in your body, lowering your immune system and causing inflammation. So I have included two video which I posted on my Instagram and Facebook on how I make my ginger shots and greens juice every day! The ginger shots are great in hot water as a soothing hot drink too!!!
  2. Wash your hands!!! – I know this sounds obvious but there are soooooo many adults who do not wash their hands regularly and this is one of the quickest ways to spread bugs and infections. Making sure you wash your hands before you eat anything is vital! Also getting your little people to wash their hands will also help as they have a habit of touching EVERYTHING!! Ha ha so clean hands is the way forward people!
  3. Are you getting enough sleep? When we are tired we get run down and with the party season upon us, we know that you are going to have later nights, also this is vital for your children too! They will be staying up later and getting excited about Christmas so often they are over tired and run down. Try to have a cut off time for electric devices before bed so that you can wind down naturally. If you drink alcohol, be aware that this can affect your quality of sleep, often having you wake up in the middle of the night due to the sugar in your drinks raising your insulin levels up, waking you up and then not letting you get back to sleep – so you will then feel exhausted – so try to keep alcohol to celebration days and not just because you had a good/bad/hard/long/ stressful day.
  4. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air! Being stuck indoors all day, especially if you work in an air conditioned building is a breading ground for bugs! So if you take a lunch break – then go outside for a walk or if you work from home try starting the day with a morning walk – it doesn’t have to be long, just enjoy these fresh dry days to clear your head and keep bugs at bay!!
  5. If you do get sick – REST! Wrap up warm and make some winter warmer soups or stews which are packed full of goodness, eliminate everything you do not have to do and ONLY do the things which are vital!!! Don’t try to come back too soon into what your doing whether that be work/gym/ classes etc, you’ll make yourself feel worse and plus you’ll spread your bugs to everyone else!!!

So I really hope you all stay healthy in the lead up to Christmas and hope those little tips help!


Ladies – If you are on facebook and are interested in women’s health, wellness, nutrition and fitness then join my FREE facebook group

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Monday Motivation

Hello Peeps!!!

How are you feeling this morning?

Have you woke up with the dread of Monday morning?

A bit fed up?

Post weekend blues?

Not looking forward to the school runs starting again??

Or have you jumped out of bed with a spring in your step and a cheeky grin that this week is going to be a great week???

Getting motivated to get your week off to a good start can be hard – the alarm that buzzes next to your head in the morning doesn’t exactly get you in the mood to make the most of your Monday.


However, every day is a chance to be positive and achieve great things, if you put your mind to it, so if you were feeling the first statement rather than the latter, here’s my 5 top tips to have a great week


  1. Make a list of all the things you are excited about this week (even if they are not until the weekend!) Still write them down. We often focus on all the ‘stuff we have to do’ on a Monday, and this generally is the bad stuff! But you can turn this around! Ideally you want a least 3 things you are looking forward to this week and if you can’t list 3 then maybe that’s an indication that you might need to make some changes about your lifestyle


  1. Take time to eat a healthy breakfast, it really is the most important meal of the day so if you want to set yourself up for a great day, you aint gonna get very far on no fuel or the wrong fuel!!! Make sure your breakfast includes high quality protein (try to eat organic if possible!) I’m a massive fan of shopping at ALDI and all their meat and veg is organic and really cheap!!


  1. Dress for success – Wear your fav outfit on a Monday, because it makes you feel good! So if you are taking the kids to school then make sure your out of that onesie and UGG boots!!! Lol, If you are an instructor then wear your fav workout gear or trainers on a Monday! It really does make you feel better when you are wearing clothes and shoes you love!


  1. Start the day with gratitude! This needs to start right from the word go on a Monday – listen to your fav tunes as you get ready or are driving in the car, notice 2 things you can see that you appreciate, 2 things you can hear and 2 things you can feel – this will not only make you feel more grounded but also re-train your brain into thinking more positive!


  1. Have a fun plan for a Monday night after you finish work, so whether it’s going to your fav fitness class (Body Blitz or Fitness Pilates hint hint!!!) or doing something fun with your kids or family, or just taking some time out for you – but have something to look forward to on a Monday night so that you look forward to Monday’s as much as Fridays!!

Really hope that has helped to get your mojo back for this week!!!

If you need any help with mindset or relaxation then join me for my BrainFit Workout course Wednesday 8-8.45pm – You can sign up this week for a 5 week course for £35.00 at the school in Burwell

If you need help with getting your nutrition on track, increasing your energy and generally taking control then my next Kick Start 14 day Body reset starts on Monday 8th May, full details are on

Or if you are interested in fitness classes my full time table is on

Please shout if you need any help

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Have you read Sharon’s Story?

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I just head to share this wonderful testimony from Sharon Knights who has been on my 12 week Kick Start Body transformation programme since before Christmas.

Sharon originally just was coming to Dance Fit on Tuesday night’s but after seeing a lot of my Kick Starters progress signed up originally just for 1 month but got hooked on the results and continued for a further 6 weeks before Christmas and now into her fifth week on this 12 week course.

This is her story so far

“So, I have struggled with my weight for years and years, ever since I was a teenager. The usual thing trying all the other weight loss groups, pills, potions and patches. Although they work for a while, you can soon get back into bad habits, and counting calories is just a nightmare!

KSFL with Kelly Reed-Banks has been totally amazing for me. In just 10 weeks I lost 22.5 inches and am continuing to lose more each week. Clean eating and drinking plenty of water is now the norm, and I feel great!! More energy, better skin and of course smaller clothes. I have received amazing comments about how I look which makes me more motivated to do well.

The key is to not beat yourself up if you don’t have a good day, but just start again. We all have a life but it is about the food and drink choices you make.

The support network online and at Burwell Fitness classes is wonderful, with everyone giving each other and encouragement along the way, which I really enjoy, and where you make great friends too!

This whole experience has been life changing for me and I would recommend to anyone. I have inspired friends to do this too, who have already lost inches. What have you got to lose? ……..only inches ?”

I have attached Sharon’s before and after picture, although her before picture is the only one she had as Sharon use to hate her picture being taken – however look at her now!!!!
What amazing transformation!
If you want to join Sharon and many of my other kick starters then I am taking on only 10 new people to join us from Monday to complete 6 weeks
Message me for more info! You can do this online or live with me!
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Don’t try to over hall your life in 1 day (or even 1 week!)

Happy New Year!

I really hope you had a lovely weekend celebrating the new year in and with a new year people set the most amazing (but also unrealistic!) resolutions which can then lead them to falling off the wagon before the first week of January has even been and gone!

Social media was crazy yesterday with everyone posting up what they were going to give up, start doing and change about their lives and as much as I love seeing all this positivity, I know, deep down that if you try to over hall your life in 1 day with so many changes – you are setting yourself up to fail!

I saw lots of ‘From tomorrow I am going to go to the gym every day, give up alcohol, give up coffee, eat only 1 meal a day plus 2 shakes’ and that was just from 1 person!
Now this is a hell of a lot to change in 1 day and I can almost guarantee that this person will be struggling massively by the weekend – not just from the detox headaches they will be getting from no booze or coffee but if I had gone from NO EXERCISES to training every day – I wouldn’t be able to move by day 3 as my muscles would be so sore and I’m not even going to get into the ‘1 meal and 2 shakes a day’ comment!!!!!!

So today I wanted to give you some advice from someone who has made these resolutions myself over the years but also someone who has been in this game for 20 years and seen all the faddy diets come and go (I have tried every pill, shake, fad, exercise regime there has been) and I know what works and what doesn’t.

If you have spent the last 2 weeks eating and drinking until you fell asleep in a calorie coma then you need to focus on making the little changes first

so here’s my advice –

Don’t try and do it all today!
We need to work on your mind set FIRST!
Don’t give things up – instead focus on doing something positive!
Make one positive change a day or even a week – these little things will become big things!
Celebrate your 3 wins a day
What do I mean by 3 win’s a day?

This is where you recognise 3 positive things you achieved a day and focus on them rather than on what you didn’t do –

So here is mine for yesterday –
I didn’t go to the gym and train yesterday which is what I had planned to do but instead of beating myself up about that I recognised my 3 wins which where-

I had one of my KSFL Greens juices yesterday as part of my breakfast, which helped me get in a load of veggies that I just didn’t fancy having with my omelette so instead I juiced them and drank it with my breakfast = WIN!
I took all my decorations down yesterday, blitz the house and did my food shop for the week so I am totally prepped for this weeks food = WIN
I went to bed early and got over 8 hours sleep last night so I feel great today = WIN
This is a mind set shift, which is vital if you are looking for lasting results from your lifestyle changes – it takes a while and it works so much better if you have the support of others who are doing the same.

The biggest difference between what we do on our Kick Start transformation programmes and small group training camps is we focus on mind set change rather than just ‘you can’t eat this, you must eat this, you must exercise like this!’ – because anyone can do that! I can go on the internet and download a million exercise plans and diets and give them to you and say ‘ do this!’ But are you going to stick to it?

Probably not!

So instead I am going to help you think differently about food, think differently about exercise and about YOU as a whole!
We are going to get rid of that self doubt and self sabotage and replace it with total confidence in your ability to make the right choices

It’s not going to be something you can accomplish in a day or even in a week which is why my Kick Start Body Transformation programmes are now 12 weeks and Jay’s small group training camps are monthly rolling camps but it will be worth it – because it works!

The success stories you see me post on social media are REAL PEOPLE – they are some of YOU reading this! – You have shown how well it works!

So if you are serious about a resolution this year – Take up Kick Start with us!

I have 2 places left on my Kick Start 12 week Body Transformation programme which starts Monday 9th Jan – but I am adding everyone to the group today to start their mind set detox first!

Jay has a FREE trial session this Friday 6.15-7am at The Paddocks on North Street for his Kick Start Small group training camp – these camps are very exclusive as he only take a max of 18 per course – Jay currently has 3 places available for January’s course which starts Monday 9th but anyone came come and try out the camp on Friday for FREE

I also have a FREE Brainfit session this Wednesday at 10.15-11am if you’d like to come and try out this amazing mind set class before our 6 week courses starts on 11th Jan – I have a daytime and an evening course starting then. Please let me know if you’d like to come to the trial class or if you’d like to book on for the 6 week course.

Finally if you want to focus just on the exercise, classes start back tomorrow with 6.30pm Fitness Pilates and 7.30pm Dance Fit at Mandeville Hall £6 drop in per class or buy a session sign off card (which can be used for any of our Burwell Fitness classes) 6 sessions for £30.00 or 10 sessions for £45.00 to save you some money!

There is no CLUBBERCISE this week as the school doesn’t open until Thursday but we do have our new Thursday night class starting this week with Savanna – CORE & MORE 7.30 – 8.15pm at Mandeville Hall

Remember – celebrate your 3 WINS a day – I’d love to here them, feel free to message me or post on social media

Have a brilliant day!!!!

Much Love xx

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Are you ready for Christmas or really dreading it?

Good afternoon people!!

So big question……………….How are you REALLY feeling about the holidays coming up?

It’s such a funny time of year, with so many people really excited for family time off and to eat, drink and be merry and then many other people dreading it for one reason or another.

Families can be stressful and to spend more time with them than usual can put your anxiety levels sky rocketing or to balance family time between in-laws, your family, children, friends etc can make you feel like you need a holiday afterwards!

For me, I have always loved family time, that was never the cause of stress at Christmas, Food on the other hand was!

I’ve battled with food issues  since I was 13 till my early 30’s and for someone who fears a holiday which is totally associated with meals and sitting down and eating meal after meal, Christmas was my worse nightmare.

Throughout my late teens and early twenties I would always be the sado in the gym on Boxing day and even New Years Eve and Day – desperate to burn off those calories I had put on, punishing myself for sitting down and actually eating a three course meal plus all the extras (sweets, chocolates, crisps,) in between Christmas lunch and then the gourmet buffet tea my Nan would lay on about 6pm which would certainly send me over the edge!

I use to be so angry with the fact that the gym wasn’t open Christmas day morning so I could get a training session in before I had to gorge myself to the max and then even more frustrated with myself for eating what I’d eaten all day.!!!! – Crackers!!!!

I can look back now and see how bad my relationship with food was, but at the time, this was the norm in my life and for many others I knew.

So why do we often see food as punishment? or reward?

Why do we believe that we need to fill ourselves to the rafters over the Christmas period and then jump on any diet we can which will help us lose the most weight in the quickest time possible, drinking shakes, taking pills and potion’s for a quick fix?

For me, I overcame my issues with food when I stopped thinking of food as punishment and starting thinking of it as fuel.

What you eat matters.  How much you eat matters.

And here’s a hint… you will NEVER be able to exercise off a bad diet! (I wish someone had told me this when I was younger!)

The main problem in the UK is that processed, fast food is cheap & easy!

Most of the food you associate with this holiday period is also processed from all the adverts on the TV & in the magazines, 

BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE! – you can actually stay on track over Christmas if you think of food being fuel, medicine and nourishment! 

If processed, junk food is your passion, your body is actually STARVING.  There are no actual nutrients going in, you’ve got no fuel – lots of calories, but nothing that your cells can actually use to keep all systems functioning properly.

It’s not rocket science, it’s common sense.

Ask yourself this question:  Do you Eat to Live, or Live to Eat?
Is your body a Temple fueled by good nutrition, or are you a human rubbish bin?  It sounds harsh, but it’s the reality of the situation: Whether the foods you eat are fueling your good health or causing you to feel sick, listless, and causing you to gain weight rather than maintain a healthy weight.
Getting your body on track with a FOOD as FUEL Lifestyle isn’t going to happen overnight, (it took me around 18 years but I didn’t have anyone to guide me or tell me any different!) But it’s not going to happen at all if you’re on the “diet” rollercoaster.
Breaking the diet cycle is hard work, but isn’t your body worth it?
Are you ready to step off the rollercoaster people???


Rather than thinking ‘ there’s no point starting now as I’ve got too many parties/ social events over Christmas, I’ll start in January, so I’ll just eat and drink myself into oblivion from now until 2nd January’, try these 5 top tips to help you make this lifestyle change become embedded this new year.

We limit the damage over the holidays but we learn to fuel ourselves with nutritious food which tastes great and fills us up and we enjoy this holiday and don’t feel guilty.

1. Make the days when you are not eating out REALLY GOOD ones……no bad carbs, no snacks, limit the alcohol 
2. If you are eating out then make sure your breakfast is high protein & good fats to curb the over-eating or snacking
3. Drink 2-3 litres of water a day without fail, and for every alcoholic drink you have, match it with a still or sparkling water
4. Exercise as much as possible, ideally if you can get outside for fresh air then do it! If you need motivation I am offering unlimited access to all my online workouts for only £10 from today until 3rd Jan – contact me to access this!
5. Once the festivities are over, spring clean your cupboards and fridge – give any left over you do not want to food banks this way your left overs are feeding someone else less fortunate and also helping you out too! 
For more daily motivation, like our face book page
Dates for your diary
  • This Wednesday 14th Dec is our last Body Blitz at 9.30am at Mandeville Hall & CLUBBERCISE 7pm at Burwell School – We are having a CLUBBERCISE Christmas party with your best party tracks so come and dress up in whatever makes you feel fabulous and join us for the ultimate Pre Christmas party! 
  • Candlelates (Pilates by Candlelight) is on tonight 8pm, Tomorrow 6.30pm and then Monday 19th & Tuesday 20th December 
  • Burwell Fitness & KSFL Christmas party is this Thursday 7.30pm at The Anchor in Burwell, please go down and pay £10 deposit and choose your meals if you’d like to join us
  • Monday 19th Dec – 6.45pm Body Blitz Christmas special – fancy dress is optional but if your going to dress up make sure you sparkle!!! I am putting together a Festive fun workout for you to really get you ready for Christmas
  • Tuesday 20th Dec 7.30pm Dance Fit is Strictly come dancing with Jay and I – don’t worry you do not need to bring a partner and you don’t even need to be able to dance, just come and have fun on our last night of fitness for 2016!
  • I will actually be teaching at The Self Centre over Christmas in Bury on Wednesday 28th Dec 9.30-11am Fitness Pilates and New Years eve 9.30-11am HOT Fitness Pilates Detox
  • All classes start back on Tuesday 3rd Jan, due to hall hire increase I will be putting my prices up for my session sign off cards from 3rd Jan to £30.00 for 6 sessions and £45.00 for 10 – However if you purchase these before Christmas you will still get them at the old price and be able to use them in 2017.
  • I am taking bookings now for my 12 week Kick Start Body Transformation course starting 9th Jan for both online and live course – please message me for more info
  • 6 week BrainFit courses start 11th Jan 10.15-11am at Mandeville Hall or 8-8.45pm at Burwell school
  • Next Kick Start fitness day is Saturday 14th Jan 12-4pm – timetable will be released next week
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How Exercise affects your skin!

Good afternoon people!
Hope you had an amazing weekend and you are all set for this last week in November!
Can you believe it’s December on Thursday????? Where has this year gone!!!
This week I have a nice and quick email all about your skin and then some important info about classes over Christmas and for 2017! so make sure you read right through to the end
This weeks email is all about – Exercise and how it affects your skin
Exercise is so good for you, I don’t need to tell you that, but what effect does this have on your skin?
Do you want to know why sometimes you feel glowing after the gym or other times a total mess?!
Well exercise has a massive effect on your skin, how it looks and feels but there are some quick and very easy things you can do to help aid your post workout glow! 

So what are the Pro’s & Cons?

PRO – Your complexion gets a BOOST. Sweating flushes out built up debris and dead cells from your skin. The increased blood flow optimises nutrient and oxygen absorption with healthy looking skin as a result.

CON – If left, sweat gets absorbed BACK INTO the pores… ugh… along with any make up or bacteria from wiping your face. So try not to wear make up to the gym and wash your face thoroughly after your workout to prevent breakouts.

PRO– Exercise reduces stress hormones which therefore improves skin conditions linked with an increase in stress eg acne, ageing, eczema. HIIT training is best for this which is what we do on Monday nights & Wednesday Morning in Body Blitz

CON – Do you use a gym towel? Don’t use the same one to wipe your FACE! You are covering your face in bacteria!

PRO – We all know the terrible effects of sugar on the body, but did you know it causes glycation which hardens the collagen fibres leading to the terrible “W” word…wrinkles. HIIT training regulates blood glucose better than endurance cardio and can therefore mean less glycation!

CON – Friction from clothes can aggravate skin conditions such as acne so wear comfortable and quality workout wear. Make sure it is breathable and not going to stick or rub on your skin.
PRO – No need for botox when you work out…The repetitive muscle contraction speeds up the lymph system getting rid of toxins much faster. Water retention and puffiness is also reduced.

So not only does exercise help to aid weight loss, make you feel amazing from the release of endorphin’s but also now can help you look younger!!!

Yay – winner!!!! 

So my question is – Who’s coming to class this week to look fabulous? 

Tonight I am re-doing the Fitness test session in Body Blitz which we completed back at the start of November so we can track your fitness progression. Please do not worry if you didn’t do the fitness tests before – you can still come along tonight at track your fitness ready to compare it to next year! 

We have our Core & More taster class this Thursday with the lovely Savanna Smith 7.30-8.15pm at Mandeville Hall – places are limited so if you have booked a place already – well done you!!! Make sure you bring a mat with you! 

Throughout December I will be teaching my Candlelates sessions again which is Pilates by Candlelight – starting next Monday 5th December – These sessions will be focusing on relaxation, improving mindset, sleep patterns and promoting well being in this busy and some what stressful lead up to Christmas. 

This week will be the last Fitness Yoga session on Wednesday’s at 10.15-11am – unfortunately the numbers are not strong enough to keep this going over December and this class will be replaced by my 6 week BrainFit course starting 11th January – If you would like to book on the day or evening course please contact me asap as I am offering an early bird offer of £30 per course before Christmas (normal price is £40.00

Dates for your diary –

Wednesday 14th Dec – Christmas CLUBBERCISE party at 7pm in the school

Thursday 15th Dec – Burwell Fitness Christmas party at the Anchor – please go down and pay your deposit and choose your meals to join us for a cracking night out to celebrate all your achievements this year! 

Monday 19th Dec – Body Blitz Christmas bash 6.45pm at Mandeville Hall

Tuesday 20th Dec  – Dance Fit Christmas special 7.30pm at Mandeville Hall

We break up on Tuesday 20th Dec and there will be no classes back until Tuesday 3rd Jan 2017

All new KSFL courses start back on Monday 9th Jan if you would like to join me for my 12 week Body & health transformation programme or Jay’s Small group Training camp

BrainFit 6 week course starts Wednesday 11th January 10.15-11am at Mandeville Hall or 8-8.45pm at Burwell School

Core and More (NEW CLASS) starts on Thursday 5th Jan 7.30-8.15pm at Mandeville Hall with Savanna

Finally just to make you aware that for the first time since I started teaching in Burwell 7 years ago I will be putting the prices up for my session sign off cards to reflect the hall hire increase so from 3rd Jan the price for 6 sessions will be £30.00 and 10 sessions will be £45.00 – any brought before Christmas will be at the regular price of £25 for 6 or £40 for 10.

These new prices still give you a great discount per session rather than PAYG

I will have my new Kelly Reed Fitness & Kick Start Cambridge T Shirts for you from January if you are on any of our KSFL programmes or if you fill up your loyalty cards!!!

Well I think that is all for now but please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book anything

Much Love