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Happy New Year!!!

Hope you all had a lovely New Years Eve last night!!

Big Question………………………………

Are you ready to get back into your Health & Fitness goals?

Have you made any resolutions?

I hate the term ‘give things up’ – it’s soooooo negative and makes you feel like you’ve failed before you’ve started

So instead, why not focus on a New Years Resolution where you take something new up?

It’s so much better for your mindset and motivation

This really helped me when I quit coffee back in September (and I still haven’t had a coffee!!!!) So instead of me thinking I have ‘given up coffee’ instead I focused on starting to juice again and in my head told myself I had started Juicing every day to get extra nutrients in in the morning – including my apple, ginger and Turmeric shots which I have in hot water as hot drink every morning.

When you focus on starting something new, you get so focused on that, you forget about what you’ve actually given up!

So I invite you to start something new this year

It could be learning a new skill, language, maybe starting a new class

And if you are needing to detox from all the Christmas booze and food – then instead of thinking ‘I’m giving up drinking for January’ focus on starting to drink more water, to be more hydrated so you will think clearer, have better skin, nails, eyes. Also a dehydrated body can’t burn fat so you could use this as your motivation too!

But if you do need a little help we have lots of programme and classes all starting back very soon

Burwell Fitness is back Tomorrow night! 

All classes are listed at  https://www.kellyreedfitness.com/timetable/

This week CLUBBERCISE is at the earlier time of 6.45pm and it’s at Mandeville Hall as the school isn’t open until Thursday

Also Wednesday morning Body Blitz is family friendly – so feel free to bring the kids whilst they are still off school 9.15-10am at Madeville Hall

FREE Early Morning BOOT CAMP!

Jay is running another trial week this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 6.15-7am – open for EVERYONE who wants to come and join him

Please message him direct to book  jsb-fitness@hotmail.co.uk

Kick Start 14 day Body Reset !!

Starts Monday 8th January

Full details are on – http://www.kickstartfatlosscambridge.com/14-day-body-reset/

Over half the places have already been booked so if you’d like to join me the bookings close on Friday

I have 2 places available for my Women’s ONLY exclusive Kick Start Platinum package!!

This 4 week programme has been trialed and tested fore women who have hormone inblances, who maybe pre or post menopausal, who are on contraception and do not know the impact that will have on their weight loss.
For women who have trouble sleeping and have high stress levels and do not know the impact that will have on their body shape.
Who want to look and feel better, have more energy, wake up energized and get sleep through the night
I only take a maximum of 4 ladies per course and your nutrition programme will be tailor made for you.
 You will be training with me 3x a week on Monday’s Tuesday and Thursday’s at an exclusive Personal Training Studio on Barnham Road Cambridge 12.15-1pm


My other course is full so this is a great opportunity to jump in whilst there is space!!

Full details are at – http://www.kickstartfatlosscambridge.com/platinum-package/


Our Next Kick Start Calorie Burner Day is 20th January!!

The timetable for the event it

12:00 🕛 sign in
12:15-13:00 P90X
13:00-13:45 Kick Start Ultimate abs
14:00-14:45 Turbo Kick
14:45-15:30 Align & Define
15:30-16:00 Relax and Release

Everyone that attends the calorie burner event will receive a goody bag to take away.

The event is only £15 (payment needed before 15th January)


That’s all for now folks

Enjoy the last bit of your New Years Day

Much Love KRB XX