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How is your mindset this September?

I hope you have had a lovely Summer and it’s been filled with long days, laughter and activity that has stopped you looking at the clock and even better, looking at your phone!

But maybe with the kids going back to school, darker mornings and earlier evenings this could have an effect on your mindset and your mental health. Sometimes when we go from one extreme to the other it can be a little more than ‘post holiday blues’.

It’s ok to feel like this. I can guarantee you are not alone but you might need a little help in coping with this change so below I have listed my 5 top tips in improving your mindset this September.

5 top tips:

1. Be around positivity:  

Read only positive things (I’m currently reading HAPPY by Fearn Cotton). The same goes for social media, only follow positive people, unfollow anyone who is negative or posts things that make you feel unhappy or bad about yourself.

2. Find your balance:

We all place more importance on certain aspects of life, putting more energy into some over others. Here’s a chance to address that balance – draw two large cherries on a piece of paper. Divide the first cherry up into different areas of your life, be that work, school, family, exercise etc and give each area the amount of space it currently takes up in your life like a pie chart. Then divide the second cherry into your desired balance. The journal what changes can you make to get your first cherry looking like your second.

3. Talking about journaling:

Buy yourself a cool positive note book which you can journal in. Start to write down daily goals which are set it a positive way. So rather than saying ‘don’t eat cake at work’ or ‘I should go to the gym every day’ change your goal setting to ‘try this’ or ‘I want to feel good’. If it’s coming from a place where you know inner happiness lies and can be achieved at the end of it, then run with it. If the WANT is coming from a place of fear and low self-esteem, and is making you feel rubbish then it’s time to ditch that aim and workout what really makes you tick.


4.Get outside and be with nature:

Even if it’s only for 5 mins go outside, ideally barefoot (but I know this might not be possible) and stand and breath. Without your phone, without talking to anyone, just take in whats around you. Giving yourself a mental vacation is a healing process whether you have been through tough times or not.

Having these last two weeks off has been a blessing and ideally I would have done it lazing around a pool but how do we get to that place without taking a two week vacation? It’s all about finding these short periods of time where you allow yourself to breath, time to heal, recharge and be still. Ideally if you can come to Pilates, BrainFit or Yoga you get this time in class but if not just take 5mins like having a smoking break but without smoking!!! Allow yourself to BE and not DO – after all we are human BEINGS not human DOINGS. (I stole that from Fearn and love it!!).


5. Surround yourself with WINNERS:

The people who take you higher not bring you down. Apparently you become the 5 people you spend the most time with so pick your squad carefully. Spend time who make you laugh, who make you feel good, who do not gossip about others. Who stop you looking at your phone and bring out the best in you.

Talking about phone’s – lets stop mindless scrolling. Lots of people are going social media free for September which I love the idea of if I didn’t use social media for majority of my work. Stop scrolling through social media, becoming obsessed with other peoples lives (who actually don’t have that life anyway) and comparing ourselves to strangers. We can loose 5,10, 30 mins or even hours mindless scrolling so put the phone down and start talking to people who matter instead!

So you may be thinking I don’t have time to do all of that Kelly, with school runs, homework, being a wife, mother, partner, daughter, son, husband, father, my job, career, keeping my household up etc but what we all forget at time is self-preservation. When we forget to make sure we are doing ok, we cant give our best to the people we care about if we are burnt out. So Rule 1 IS TAKE CARE OF YOU FIRST!!!


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