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kelly-reed-fitnessGet my blue print of  my highly successful // Slimmer Abs and Lean Legs Package for // Only £47.00!!!

  • Instructors, Are you always being asked about weight loss?
  • Especially from those problem areas being the stomach and thighs?
  • Would you like to offer your participants a way to target these areas which is highly successful but without you doing all the admin work?
  • Would you like to run 6 week fat loss courses which incorporate exercise sessions tuned in to these areas and a nutritional plan which focus’ on eating clean and eliminating sugars?
  • Are you looking to increase your income and have a lucrative business with out doing loads of extra work or working more hours?

If the answer is YES to any of the above, then this maybe just what your looking for!

I have come up with everything you need in one package, which will save you hours of work and has all the tools you need to get your Slimmer Abs and Lean Legs courses booming!!

The great thing about this package is that I have trialed and tested it for you with my own participants and the results have been AMAZING!! I am continuing to run my Slimmer Abs and Lean Legs courses every 6 weeks in term time!
There is a massive niche to now offer those participants who come to your classes more than just the class.

This will also be able to help support your other classes, as you can recommend and help to promote your other classes whilst they are on the programme. This will help your participants not only achieve the inch loss, clean eating & increase in energy they are looking for but also it will keep them coming back for more!!

So what is Slimmer Abs and Lean Legs?

  • It’s exactly what it says on the box! It’s a 6 week inch loss course which focus’ on these areas in particular.
  • It includes all the nutritional guidance you will give to your participants over the 6 weeks – This is NOT a diet! – This is Clean Eating! You will not be putting them on a specific diet, you will be monitoring them to make positive changes to eat clean, healthy, nutritious foods and drinks. I will give you all the info you need for this.
  • Marketing material – including example emails, flyer’s, posts to put on your social media and to give out in class.
  • All admin material including templates for food and exercise diaries, measurements sheets and free class pass templates.
  • Clean Eating recipe ideas to email out every week to your participants
    Choreography ideas dvd which I will post out to you so you can use my up to date choreography ideas in your llive classes.

Every thing comes in word documents so you can add your own information like logo’s, branding, contact details etc to them

So who is this package for?

Any instructors who currently teach community classes who want to offer their participants something more, ideally with a nutrition qualification.

Instructors who are looking for help to set up their own courses but need help on the structure, set up, content & marketing.

Instructors who work in clubs and would like to offer their participants more support outside of their classes.

So if this sounds like you, order and downloade this  package today for only £47.00   Buy and Download

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