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Make the right choices this Christmas so you don’t get mistaken for Santa!

This weeks blog is my 5 top tips to make sure you don’t end up looking like Santa on Christmas eve because of over indulging before you  even get to Christmas day, so here are my best 5 pointers to help you stay on track but still enjoy the party season.

  1. Go easy on the booze! Easy for me to say – hey, but honestly be mindful of getting into a habit of maybe drinking every day over Christmas – give yourself time off when you are not at parties, functions etc. Alcohol is sugar so if consumed and not burnt off will store (just like everything else) as fat. So when you are drinking I recommend that you substitute every second drink with a sparkling water (Your head, liver and waste line will thank you in the morning!)
  2. If you are going to a party and you know there is going to a a good old fashioned finger buffet (full of beige food) then eat before you leave. Have a high protein meal with good fats and complex carbs to keep you fueled all night and not tempted by the finger food. I recommend Salmon with green veg and boiled potato’s – smothered in grass-fed butter.
  3. Continue to stay active – remember if your calories in are more than your calories out then you will put on weight and the average person puts on around 7lbs over Christmas so if you do not want to fall in to the statistic then try to keep as active as possible. I know it’s hard as classes finish and gyms have Christmas reduced hours, but here at Burwell Fitness we have a way to help you – Jay has agreed to run his early morning bootcamp the week before Christmas for FREE!!!!! and the Wednesday 3rd & Friday 5th January 2018!!! All you need to do to sign up is email him –  I can also help – you can have access to ALL my online workout videos (there are HIIT, Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Conditioning & Stretch) unlimited from when we break up on 14th Dec to 2nd January for only £10 – message me and I will give you the access code.
  4. Try to have a healthy breakfast every morning over the holiday’s – you will then feel full so less likely to snack or make bad choices in the day – I love an omelette – make sure you get in some greens
  5. Recharge over Christmas – use the time off to be kind to yourself so that when you go back to normality on 2nd January you feel refreshed. Try not to stay up late on the nights you are not out and get your 7-8 hours sleep in

Bonus tip ******

Keep your water intake up! – many people feel tired and lethargic over the holidays because they are dehydrated so aim for 2-3 litres of water a day over Christmas

We want you to really enjoy the festivities but you can still stay on track and feel great this Christmas!!!

Dates for your diary –
Monday 11th Dec – 7 day Kick Start Pretox with me, includes –
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🎯Unlimited LIVE classes (this week is our final week of classes at Burwell Fitness so we will be offering Fitness Pilates by Candlelight, Christmas Dance Fit, Clubbercise, Core De Force and Body Blitz & adding an extra Dance class on Thursday 14th December 7.30-8.15pm
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7.30pm Christmas Dance Fit
Wednesday 13th Dec
9.15am Christmas Daytime Body Blitz
7pm Christmas Clubbercise party
Thursday 14th Dec
6.45pm Christmas Core De Force
7.30pm CIZE (Street Dance) – special
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Have a great day folks!!!
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