Fitness Pilates Focus 2013


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Session 1: Progressive Fitness Pilates 2013

Kelly Updates the whole Fitness Pilates concept with new sequences, routines and progressions which employ a functional and tri-plane philosophy. Functional Fitness Pilates continues to move forward with updated research and continued biomechanical knowledge. Tons of usable ideas for your general level FP classes.

Session 2: Specialist Fitness Pilates- Hips, Back, Shoulders, Knees and Ankles.

In this slower session, Kelly examines in detail key areas of the body with specialist focus exercises and strategies. Looking at the Hips, Back Shoulders, Knees and Ankles. Kelly will pinpoint specific strength and flexibility work to help your clients improve these areas.

This session will arm you with practical tools to rehabilitate, re-balance and re-align your class members who may have niggly injuries and pain.

Session 3: Fitness Pilates for Special Population.

Kelly looks at Fitness Pilates exercise aimed at special populations including older adults and Pre and Post Natal. This is a must for all instructors wanting to create FP workouts for special populations.

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