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Kelly has used her favourite three pieces of fitness equipment fused with the very best in Fitness Pilates exercises to give you new and exciting choreography ideas for your Fitness Pilates classes.

The first section Kelly focus’ on the Mini ball – this versatile piece of kit is a favourite with many. Let Kelly show you how to enhance your Fitness Pilates moves to get the very best out of your participants.

The second section is Glides and if you are looking for advanced Fitness Pilates exercises then the glides definitely help to give that something extra to your participants. However Kelly has also included some basic exercises to introduce your beginner participants to this wonder tool!
Finally we have Dyna Bands and Kelly is mainly focusing on how to aid your participants by using the bands, to give them the extra support they may need to help them achieve your best loved exercises.
Kelly has also included a deep stretch using the dyna band to finish off your class with the ultimate flexibility training which will have your participants coming back for more & more!!

This DVD is designed for instructors who are looking for new choreography ideas for their Fitness Pilates classes.

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