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How to stay well this winter

So today’s blog I wanted to give you my best advice to try to stay well and clear of those nasty bugs this winter!!

  1. I start each day with a ginger shot & a greens juice which I make myself so I know are full of goodness! We really need to think about food being medicine, The food you eat will either make you feel amazing or make you sick! A lot of people do not realise that the high levels of sugar they are consuming on a daily / weekly basis are fueling their sickness – whether it is a cold or flu or a serious as cancer! Cancer can not grow in an alkaline diet but it grows massively in an acidic diet and you can guess what is acidic in your diet………………… Yes you guessed it SUGAR!!!! But it also fuels those nasty flu bugs and tummy bugs by destroying all the good bacteria in your body, lowering your immune system and causing inflammation. So I have included two video which I posted on my Instagram and Facebook on how I make my ginger shots and greens juice every day! The ginger shots are great in hot water as a soothing hot drink too!!!
  2. Wash your hands!!! – I know this sounds obvious but there are soooooo many adults who do not wash their hands regularly and this is one of the quickest ways to spread bugs and infections. Making sure you wash your hands before you eat anything is vital! Also getting your little people to wash their hands will also help as they have a habit of touching EVERYTHING!! Ha ha so clean hands is the way forward people!
  3. Are you getting enough sleep? When we are tired we get run down and with the party season upon us, we know that you are going to have later nights, also this is vital for your children too! They will be staying up later and getting excited about Christmas so often they are over tired and run down. Try to have a cut off time for electric devices before bed so that you can wind down naturally. If you drink alcohol, be aware that this can affect your quality of sleep, often having you wake up in the middle of the night due to the sugar in your drinks raising your insulin levels up, waking you up and then not letting you get back to sleep – so you will then feel exhausted – so try to keep alcohol to celebration days and not just because you had a good/bad/hard/long/ stressful day.
  4. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air! Being stuck indoors all day, especially if you work in an air conditioned building is a breading ground for bugs! So if you take a lunch break – then go outside for a walk or if you work from home try starting the day with a morning walk – it doesn’t have to be long, just enjoy these fresh dry days to clear your head and keep bugs at bay!!
  5. If you do get sick – REST! Wrap up warm and make some winter warmer soups or stews which are packed full of goodness, eliminate everything you do not have to do and ONLY do the things which are vital!!! Don’t try to come back too soon into what your doing whether that be work/gym/ classes etc, you’ll make yourself feel worse and plus you’ll spread your bugs to everyone else!!!

So I really hope you all stay healthy in the lead up to Christmas and hope those little tips help!


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