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6 week optimise programme

I’m relaunching my 6 week women’s health optimum program & it starts on 2nd November but it’s been revamped to incorporate my virtual studio!

One of my main goals is to help women become the very best versions of themselves. Unfortunately we live in a world where often or not we put ourselves last on our priority list & we focus on looking after everyone else but ourselves.

We often live our lives, running on empty both physically, mentally & emotionally.

We experience emotional eating, self sabotage & push that self destruction button too often

Well this stops right here!

You can not pour from an empty glass, and you need to start putting yourself top of your top do list!

We know Rome wasn’t built in a day, so let me help you over 6 weeks take back control over your lives.

Let me show you how we can move forward to make better choices with our Nutrition, health, lifestyle & exercise to gain back control over your life.

What’s included –

💜 clean eating meal plans with recipes based on 5:2 diet, then we introduce new foods every week & see how your body copes- we then know what foods work for you & which ones don’t

💜 4 live talks a week from me, here I will cover all aspects from PMS, menopause, mood foods, pelvic floor health, mindset & effective fitness & nutrition information

💜 unlimited workouts which you can choose from daily

💜 daily motivation from me to stay on track

💜 online support whatapp group which you can post in every day your meals, sweaty/ sassy selfies

💜 choice of unlimited virtual classes from my virtual VIP group where I deliver over 16 virtual classes per week you can either do live or on catch up

💜 I’ll teach you how to do your own measurements so if you want to track your progress this way & be accountable you can!

Prices are as follows –

🙋‍♀️ You can either do this online with no classes for £45 –

Or get all this with unlimited virtual classes for only £10:00 a week

6 weeks online £45:00
6 week optimum including virtual timetable £60
Unlimited virtual classes for only £10:00 a week

 Here’s so of the testimonies from some of my amazing women who have completed the programme-

I’m so happy I joined the 6 week program knowing I had such an eventful social month, it would have been so easy to skip this one and join the next but would have been feeling the total opposite of what I do now! I have one more long weekend away,coming up which is going to be the hardest but will be ending January feeling fitter, looking leaner and feeling on top of the world! Thank you Kelly 😘
Amanda x

I am so glad I signed up to start this new year. Feeling more positive and have more energy than usual. I did the 14 day detox last year and although got good results, I felt like I was craving and missing things, whereas this feels like a longer term lifestyle change. Thanks Kelly x

Thank you Kelly for being there supporting & encouraging us. This is the first January in a long time that I have felt this good, mentally & physically Xx


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